What is the LSF?

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is an annual gathering of emerging and established screenwriters. With over 800 attendees, 150 sessions, 150 industry expert speakers and the biggest names in film and TV in attendance (from both the UK and Hollywood), the LSF has become the premiere screenwriting event to attend. Full guide and breakdown of the festival HERE.

If you don’t come away from this feeling inspired and motivated then you better check whether you actually have a pulse in the first place

Matthew Curlewis, Writer

Matthew Curlewis, Writer
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On the blog… Making your first feature? It’s all about having the right mindset

Guest post by screenwriter Tom Kerevan I can pinpoint the exact moment my writing career went from an ‘if’ to a ‘when’. I’d been writing full-time for only a couple of years and was just finishing my 3rd screenplay when in 2011 I went to… MORE

December 19th RadioLSF LIVE Show With Ned Dowd

Awesome! A unique chance to spend time in conversation with a lot of people in senior positions in the industry…

Nik Bower, Ingenious Media

Nik Bower, Ingenious Media

Why you should come to LSF 2014

  1. Over 150 speakers

    Over 150 speakers

    Learn from and network with the biggest industry names

  2. Over 140 sessions

    Over 140 sessions

    Covering every aspect of professional screenwriting... and we film most!

  3. Spend 3 Days With...

    Spend 3 Days With...

    1,000 people just like you - writers, producers, actors, directors, agents...

  4. Festival Week

    Festival Week

    Come to a week of cost effective, killer one day workshops and get the edge

  5. Script chat

    Script chat

    Get intimate and informal face-time with our expert speakers

  6. Pitchfest


    Pitch your project to producers, agents and commissioners

  7. Network events

    Network events

    Mingle with 750 professionals at our networking parties

  8. Get Performed

    Get Performed

    Get your script worked on live by pro actors and directors in closed sessions.

  9. Mentoring Labs

    Mentoring Labs

    Get one-on-one feedback during intense three hour mentoring sessions

  10. Online sessions

    Online sessions

    We film most session so you won't miss a thing... and you can watch over and over

  11. Online network

    Online network

    Start networking with over 1,000 writers online as soon as you sign up

  12. Total immersion

    Total immersion

    Three days immersed in the thing we all love: storytelling!