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Get a shot of rocket fuel to the creative soul and launch your career and project in 2024!

Learn from 100 industry experts, and join other writers, filmmakers, directors and executives for the biggest screenwriting event of the year.

It was was huge! A brilliant event. Fun and inspiring – if only the whole world could experience something like this! Thanks everyone for making this awesome."

Richard Osborne, Screenwriter

Richard Osborne, Screenwriter

Why you should join LondonSWF

  1. Not just a weekend

    Not just a weekend

    A jam-packed weekend surrounded by a host of online events!

  2. Spend 3 Days With

    Spend 3 Days With

    1,000 people just like you... writers, producers, actors, directors, agents..

  3. Over 100 sessions

    Over 100 sessions

    Covering every aspect of professional screenwriting... and we film most!

  4. Pitchfest


    Pitch your project directly to industry execs all around the world.

  5. Over 150 speakers

    Over 150 speakers

    Learn from and network with the biggest industry names

  6. Online Community

    Online Community

    Who knew! Turns out WE LOVE to connect online and from around the world

  7. Script Chat

    Script Chat

    Get intimate and informal face-time with our expert speakers

  8. ScriptLabs


    Get your script polished up with advice from leading industry experts

  9. Make your mark

    Make your mark

    Learn how to get YOUR script produced from the people who make it happen

  10. Get Access...

    Get Access...

    Join our online community with over 1,000 hours of video sessions.

  11. Stoke the flames

    Stoke the flames

    Meet, learn from, and network with fellow creatives to fuel your work

  12. Script to Screen

    Script to Screen

    The biggest movies screened while you read the script and listen to the writer

Some of our additional upcoming events

Click here to view ALL our upcoming events, workshops, masterclasses and screenings

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Just had a phone conversation with my Talent Campus mentor, and he's given me such brilliant insight into my project!"

Liz Holliday, Screenwriter

Liz Holliday, Screenwriter