Can the Royal Literary Fund Help You? Financial Assistance Is At Hand…

Sometimes bad things happen to good writers. If you are a professionally published writer with financial difficulties, the Royal Literary Fund could help with cash.

Established by writers for writers, the Royal Literary Fund could offer you financial support during hard times.  Writing may be a solitary process, but you are not alone.

“This is what the Royal Literary Fund does. It doesn’t just remove the financial worry; it also gives you an enormous boost to your confidence . . . it buys you time to think.” John Pilkington, author, playwright & scriptwriter

“I haven’t had to worry about paying the bills, it has been a real lifesaver for me.”
Louise Foxcroft, writer, historian, broadcaster

“It’s been a lifechanging experience, I’m able to keep working and keep writing and that’s due to the Royal Literary Fund.”
Jon Hotten, author and journalist

“I saw the names of the incredible writers who’ve been generously helped by the fund – I was very fortunate to have been given a substantial grant to get myself back on an even keel.”
James Sherwood, author

Whether money or personal problems are preventing you from writing, our panel of experts will review your published works (a minimum of two), to assess if we can offer financial support.

You take care of the words, we’ll take care of you.  Visit to find out if you’re eligible today.

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Chris Jones