Yearly Archives: 2010

LSF2010 Delegate Feedback

LSF 2010 : Delegate Feedback Quotes, the first round of feedback is in…! And we just had to share it with you all. We are still colating loads of data, as well as feedback and comments from our terrific speakers. … MORE

Crime Pays

The last semiar I did today was Crime Writing with Rick Drew, Daniel Eckhart, Andrew Taft and Barbara Machin. Crime is one of the most popular genres and in the workshop the writers discussed with us why that might be. The … MORE

Cutting Edge #LSWF

Tim Clague, Alexis Nolant, Julian Gerighty, Andy Walsh and Rhianna Pratchet held a session this morning on writing for games. I think of all the workshops this is one that shows that there has been a large variety of writing … MORE

Fuelled by People

  Any festival is really only ever as good as it’s people. And screenwriting is about people, it’s about touching people, watching people, learning about people, and hearing people’s stories. I have to say that one of the things that … MORE

Considering Documentary

This afternoon began for me with HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A DOCUMENTARY workshop with Chris Atkins, James Collie and Jon Walker. I was keen to be at this particular session because I do on occasion get talked to about documentary shorts … MORE

A Festive(al) Morning!

There are so many things going on all over the place at the festival I thought I’d give a flavour of just one mornings movement around the building and the sort of vibe that is around with everything going on. … MORE