3 Great Opportunities for Screenwriters now

How you feeling? Ready to take on the world? Good.

There are three great opportunities for Screenwriters happening right now that you need to get involved in. Remember what Chris said yesterday, you have to face the fear in order to push your projects forward.

1)      Collabor8te – Our Friends at Rankin Film are looking for short scripts of up to 15 minutes to develop and make next year. If you want to take part go to their website and have a look at the opportunity.

2)      British Youth Film Academy – The BYFA are looking for feature length scripts to make with their participants next year. They are looking for very specific types of features – so read the guidelines before submitting. They have also extended the deadline just for the London Screenwriters Festival to 8th Nov.

3) 4Screenwriting–  Channel 4’s annual screenwriting programme is accepting submissions. Make sure yours is one of them.

Remember the only way to be in the game is to submit!