50 Kisses – Is one of them yours?

This month we launched an exciting new free screenplay competition for screenwriters. 50 Kisses gives you the opportunity to see your two minute script, as part of a larger feature film, on a cinema screen near you.

Sound good? Read on.

There are only two things we need you to do, but it is very important you do them.

1) Write a two page screenplay set on Valentine’s Night.

2) Enter it into our free London Screenwriters’ Festival Feature competition by June 29th

That’s it.

Sounds simple.  Doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Not only is this an opportunity for you to get a screenwriting credit on a feature film, but it costs you nothing to enter. Nothing.

If opportunity knocks, you’ve still got to be bothered enough to answer the door. So are you going to be bothered enough to make this happen for yourself? For those of you unfamiliar with what an opportunity looks like, this is one.

When the writing competition closes on June 29th, our Judges will scour the script pile and choose the 50 best scripts. These 50 scripts will then be released to the filmmaking community. The 50 best films (one per script) will be chosen and edited into one beautiful feature length film set on Valentine’s Night.

We have lots of exciting and participatory things planned around 50 Kisses but as with all great films it starts with you, the writer. Your script is the cornerstone to this project.

So, what you waiting for? We want your kiss by June 29th.

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