5 Responses to 50 Kisses Competition

  1. Richard P. Wheildon says:

    I think this is a great idea….Had the very same idea after doing the LSF2011…Even contacted other members who attended and suggested this idea….make a short as part of a whole feature…
    must be something in the water…
    I will be submitting a two page script and will be telling other film makers to get on board…
    Great idea.

    Whoever thought of it.

    Richard P. Wheildon :)

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  3. Daniel says:

    I’m a student at met film school and LOVE how much output you give Chris. Very inspiring.
    Look forward to meeting you some time.
    Keep it up!

  4. Merlin Ward says:

    This is a genius idea of a competition and the first that I have ever felt like entering. Of course, the finished film could be very frustrating for viewers… just as they are getting into a story it ends – but that is good, as it could be the springboard for feature versions of the best stories. Anyway, I salute the brain that came up with this competition. Now, I’ve got this story about ….

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