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Actors Table Read 004Have scenes from your script read, performed and workshopped by professional actors and directors.

Get real and practical insight into how your words are interpreted and performed by actors, the very people who are trained to breath life into them.

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Ben Mole

Ben Mole – Director - Core Films

Looking to build up the slate and meet interesting new writers
James Hughes

James Hughes – Director

James is a Director for Film & TV, and has just directed Tobias Menzies in his latest film, The Velvet Abstract, that led to him being a recent BAFTA panellist.
Lance Nielsen

Lance Nielsen – Writer & Director

Credits include: The Journey

Lance is a writer, director and producer who often tackles social and political issues. He has just completed his first feature film, The Journey, set in Greece.
Lance Nielsen

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Sascha Hecks, Producer

Sascha Hecks, Producer


Ben Gardner

Ben Gardner – Actor

Lead in 'Eden Lodge,' released with Signature Ent. Ben will also be in Fight Club writer Jim Uhl's performance LAB

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Sarine Sofair

Sarine Sofair – Actress

Recently seen as Lhara in HBO's Game of Thrones and shooting in the Amazon Basin, Venezuela as a young scientist.

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The atmosphere made it surprisingly easy to talk to complete strangers.

Gill Williams, Screenwriter

Gill Williams, Screenwriter