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Actors Table Read 004Have scenes from your script read, performed and workshopped by professional actors and directors.

Get real and practical insight into how your words are interpreted and performed by actors, the very people who are trained to breath life into them.

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Adam Spinks

Adam Spinks – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Extinction, Survivors

As well as being a Director of film and TV, Adam also works with young people delivering workshops, seminars and lectures across all disciplines of filmmaking.
Adam Spinks
Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell – Director

Alex is a multi-award winning writer and director from London, UK.
Alice Kornitzer

Alice Kornitzer – Director

Award-nominated theatre and film director with an international portfolio. New writing and adaptations of classics.
Ben Mole

Ben Mole – Director/Producer - Core Films

Looking to build up the slate and meet interesting new writers
Brendon O

Brendon O'Loughlin – Director

Multi-Award Winning Feature Film Director/Producer. Over ten years of passionately engaging with meaningful stories.
Bruce Webb

Bruce Webb – Director

As a director/producer Bruce has directed and produced many shorts and over 9 internationally distributed feature films
Carlos Boellinger

Carlos Boellinger – Director & Screenwriter

Credits include: Jedi's Code, a Star Wars Story

Carlos recently released his latest short film: 'Jedi’s Code, a Star Wars Story', which is having a great online reception.
Carlos Boellinger
Darren Rapier

Darren Rapier – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: How to be Human

Darren has worked as a writer and director for film, TV, theatre and radio. He teaches at BFI, Central and Rose Bruford
Dom Lenoir

Dom Lenoir – Director

Dom has just finished his next feature titled 'Winter Ridge', a psychological thriller set for a global 2018 release
James Hughes

James Hughes – Director

James is a Director for Film & TV, and has just directed Tobias Menzies in his latest film, The Velvet Abstract, that led to him being a recent BAFTA panellist.
Jane McGee

Jane McGee – Director

Multi-award winning director of wry comedy drama with a dark, absurdist edge.
Lesley Manning

Lesley Manning – Director

Credits include: Ghostwatch

Lesley is best known for directing the seminal Ghostwatch. Recently voted in 11th best British Horror film of all time.
Matthew Butler Hart

Matthew Butler Hart – Director

Trained as an actor but now full-time director and writer of film and theatre. Features: The Isle and Two Down.
Sam Benjamin

Sam Benjamin – Director

Sam has just won the 'Best Script Award' at the British Urban Film Festival for 'Liverpool 81'. He is currently directing and starring in forthcoming superhero TV series 'The Few.
Staten Cousins Roe

Staten Cousins Roe – Director

Award-winning short film writer & director. Debut black comedy-crime feature, A Serial Killer's Guide to Life, in post.

I still can’t quite believe what I’ve lived through these last few days – totally amazing

KT Parker, Screenwriter

KT Parker, Screenwriter


Angela Yeoh

Angela Yeoh – Actor

Former international journalist, now filmmaker/writer/actor with training in Meisner, physical theatre, clown & bouffon

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Belinda Peters

Belinda Peters – Actor

Immediate, real, character, comedy. TV/Film: Judge John Deed, Sherlock Holmes, Eastenders, Casualty, The Shadow Within, The Dead

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Ben Gardner Gray

Ben Gardner Gray – Actor

Lead in 'Eden Lodge,' released with Signature Ent. Ben will also be in Fight Club writer Jim Uhl's performance LAB

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Benedicte Westbye

Benedicte Westbye – Actress

Award-winning Norwegian actress trained at The Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, currently residing in London

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Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell – Actor

My passion for acting started when I was very young. I'm extremely hardworking and I put everything into my career.

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Catherine Rowney

Catherine Rowney – Actor

Film work includes the SWF affiliated SEEING HIM and the BusanIFF nominated feature YOU (US) ME (on Amazon). TV: DOCTORS

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Dan Burman

Dan Burman – Actor

Actor, Fight Performer, Producer, Fixer, Improvisor. TV, film and theatre credits - not good at sticking to a word count

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Daniel Booroff

Daniel Booroff – Actor

Character actor

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Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns – Actor

Much film work since return to acting in 2013. Stage - Nagg in Endgame. "Six Rounds" shown at East End Film Festival.

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Danny Steele

Danny Steele – Actor

Floyd in feature 'Kaleidoscope Man' Clyde in short 'The Last Day' David Bowie in stage play 'The Goblin King'

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Dominic Cazenove

Dominic Cazenove – Actor

Actor, gent, geek and lover. Fan of film, stage and good writing. And a good hearty steak!

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Emma Laird Craig

Emma Laird Craig – Actor

Emma trained at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, MXAT & LAByrinth Theatre NYC.

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Fleur Poad

Fleur Poad – Actress

English /German bilingual Actress. Currently rehearsing for "Three Sisters". Latest credits" Muppets Most Wanted"

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Georgina Blackledge

Georgina Blackledge – Actress

Experienced screen actress. Highlights include Eden Lodge, Last House on Cemetery Lane, The Paradox Series, SYNC

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Harrie Hayes

Harrie Hayes – Actor

TV: Coconut (BBC 3), Wasted (E4), Pop Sludge (4music) Film: My Cousin Rachel, Antimatter, Ewww.

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Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson – Actor

Jason Wilson is from New York. London based, he can be reached via his agents John Doe Mgt (Film) or Telly Voices (VO)

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John Rackham

John Rackham – Actor

Actor, writer, filmmaker. Film acting credits include Ten Dead Men, Shortcuts to Hell & his own feature Bloodmyth.

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Jonathan Hansler

Jonathan Hansler – Actor

Jonathan co-wrote and starred as Peter Cook in “Goodbye The Afterlife Of Cook and Moore” directed by BAFTA winning Vadim Jean. Agent Marcus & Mccrimmon.

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Julia Tarnoky

Julia Tarnoky – Actor

Award-winning leading actress, chameleon-classic ability, other-worldly, magnetic power, precise, detailed and funny!

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Julie Hoult

Julie Hoult – Actress

Have No Fear Julie's Here! 100% In All She Does, From Sci-Fi, Features, TV to Corporate. Would be Great to Meet You!

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Laura England

Laura England – Actor

Northern Actor, Writer and Musical Theatre grad. Workshop: Jennifer in Mother F**k Up at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

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Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose – Actor

Lisa loves new writing and recent work includes the recent film 'Letitia Drowning' and the music video 'Kunte Kinte'.

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Nate Birdi

Nate Birdi – Actor

Silvius and Le Beau in St James Theatre's 'As You Like It', Jonathan in Gabriel Bier-Gislason's short film 'Less'.

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Nina Stratford

Nina Stratford – Actor

Strong, versatile and confident actor - graduated from E15 in 2006 at the age of 50. Naturally RP but great with accents.

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Orion Lee

Orion Lee – Actor

Actor with Conway Van Gelder Grant. Credits X+Y, RSC, Tyrant.

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Paul Mclaughlin

Paul Mclaughlin – Actor

Experienced in Film/Television/Theatre/Mocap/Voiceover. Loves strong drama + great characters.

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Penelope Bosworth

Penelope Bosworth – Actor

Graduated Actors Temple 2016. Currently at Identity Drama School. Soon to play all four characters in Earthly Matters 2

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Portia Booroff

Portia Booroff – Actress

Currently starring in the award winning feature 'SOLITARY'. Cast alongside Helen Mirren in The National's 'PHEDRE'.

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Ramin Farahani

Ramin Farahani – Actor

Avid 'yogi' and maker of homely Persian cuisine. Performer of improv comedy and acting graduate of Royal Central School.

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Richard Dee-Roberts

Richard Dee-Roberts – Actor

Recent projects. Stage: Table, directed by Amanda Redman, Film: Whirlpool-Cannes short 2017, Primeval Predator, Eleven

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Sacharissa Claxton

Sacharissa Claxton – Actor

Sacharissa Claxton (Sacha) is an Actor/writer, rep'd by David Daly Associates. Co founder of 2.30 Productions.

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Sarine Sofair

Sarine Sofair – Actress

Recently seen as Lhara in HBO's Game of Thrones and shooting in the Amazon Basin, Venezuela as a young scientist.

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Sarit Wilson Chen

Sarit Wilson Chen – Actor

'Wilson-Chen's Phaedra is certainly a highlight-fragile, distraught and exotic..' THE STAGE. Films: A.K.A NADIA,YAEL(lead)

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Simon Balcon

Simon Balcon – Actor

SIMON BALCON trained at Drama Studio London and the Actors Temple. Most recently he appeared as Greg in The Other Half.

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Simon Furness

Simon Furness – Actor

I am a stage and screen actor and teacher, with over 15 years' experience in both areas.

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Sophie Hughes

Sophie Hughes – Actress

I'm a young, Welsh actress trained at ArtsEd. In rehearsal for Macbeth with Butterfly Theatre.

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Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer – Actor

Tom has worked consistently on Stage, Television and Film for over 15 years.

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Tori Butler Hart

Tori Butler Hart – Actor

Tori is an actor, writer, producer & co-founded Fizz & Ginger Films. Credits inc: Keeping Rosy, Edie, Two Down, The Isle

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Vanessa Bailey

Vanessa Bailey – Actress

Credits include: Eastenders, Southcliffe, Seeing Him

Vanessa is a professional actress who wrote, produced and starred in her debut short film 'Seeing Him'.

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Vanessa Bailey

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Janet Van Eden, Screenwriter

Janet Van Eden, Screenwriter