Actors and Directors

LondonSWF 2021 (September) Update
As things start to look brighter with the continuing rollout of the vaccine, LondonSWF is back this year. We will be running a hybrid festival, consisting of a combination of a three-day live event and online sessions, spread over a longer period of time.

The situation is fluid as the government’s cautious roadmap to normality could change at any moment, and due to that uncertainty, we are not able to offer actors’ table-reads this year. Logistically, it is likely to prove too difficult to cover for actors or directors who suddenly have to go into self-isolation or even quarantine.

For the latest updates on the situation, please check here.

Actors Table Read 004Have scenes from your script read, performed and workshopped by professional actors and directors.

Get real and practical insight into how your words are interpreted and performed by actors, the very people who are trained to breath life into them.

Actors and Directors will be added over the Summer.