Actors Table Read Slots Announced

You can now check the timing of your slots for the Actors Table Read so you can select you Script Surgery (Euroscript) and the PitchFest slots, when they go live on Saturday at midday.

Here they are…

Day 1: Friday 7th September 2018

Existence by Richard Osborne
Christmas Shelter by Fay Devlin
The Taking by Eivor Bekkhus
Splinters by Liz Holliday
The Wronged by Teresa Bailey
Virgins by Katharine Armitage

MEOW by Nick Zabierek
New Pangaea by Tobias Tobbell
Clashes – Pilot by Alessandro Valentini
Punk Rock French New Wave by Jennifer Farfort
Fair Trade by Tabatha Williams
Adella and Assad by Mark Nicoll

Against The Tide by Angela Jameson
Live/Die by Maurice C. Kenney
HOME by Mona Wadhwani
Goals, Dreams and the Streets by Liam Wisker
The Garden by Deva Palmier

Get Lucid by Sam Dods
The Roar by Lynsey Murdoch
Loving Charles’ by Susanne Pride Notman
Shutters Down by Rick Limentani
Sharia Whore (working title) by Rachel Hanks
The Bond by Jaye Nolan

The Handler by Rossa Mcphillips
Doormat by Nikki Williams
Onwards and Upwards by Susan Glen
Boomerangst by George M. Johnson
Deadlock by C. Timmer
Domesday by Debs Wardle

Twin Flames by Fiona Faith Ross
To Save One Life by James Jay by Leslie Grice
Escort me by Geraldine Dougherty
Elsa by Lorenzo Colonna
He Doesn’t Kill by Wisse Stolk
If Only by Abbie Heath

Mother Earth’s Redemption by Kerry-Ann Calleja Mcgregor
Ginaville by Carmen Radtke
In Her Body by Cathy Kostova
Tie Or The Greatest Discovery by Max Dobson
Nursing a Grudge by Amy Culwick
Safeguard by Fiona Hunnisett

Day 2: Saturday 8th September 2018

Small by Alex Davies
Big Break by Miranda Sen
The Dark Side by Halida Abbaro
Sublime by Sarah Thomas
The Facts of Leffe by Phoebe Gibson

Anthropocene by James Allen
Lemonade by Bruno Catarino
Opium for Tea by Mary O’Sullivan
50.7% by K Scott Daniels
Crescent by Elizabeth Heren
The Japanese Doll by Natsu Hirukawa

Lawnview by Victoria Ofovbe and Lydia Williams
The Door by Claire Chandler
Eat This by Craig Rogers
Warrior Pose by Jessica Jolly
Olive’s Undertaking by Lee Burgess
Love or Money Pilot Episode by Lana Gold

NCCU by Philip Johnstone
Mousetrap by Ying-Chu Lin
Napoleon of Crime by Mel Evans
Black Site by Monika Sulik
Don’t Rock the Boat – First Night Abroad by Stephanie Ginger
Judge Paola by Laura Nuti

Trade by Fleur Stewart
Jesus Loves Porn Stars by James Pemberton
The Family Way by Rebecca Jean-Carroll
Romeo and Juliet Culture Clash by Iris Wurth
Ketchup by Joe Cawley
Love and Logic by Sharon Buckingham

Bad Developments by Joe Gooden
Mooncurser by Leia Vogelle
Andy & Becky by Barry Johns
Princess & Paul by Monique Amado
Dying to meet you (Episode 2) by Stephen Ridley
Black Pearl by Anna Zoll

The Golden Mile by Adam Harper
Brexit agonies at a NHS laboratory by Kooi Glendinning
Working Mother, Queen of Space by Simon Josiffe
AWW by Weiwei Lu
Apparition by Martin Herrmann
Go Anywhere by Barbara Skubic

Cyborn by Mark Renshaw
Together Forever by Rita Wheeler
Cull by Scott Davenport
For the Love of Proust by Monica De Labriolle Rutherford
Wolves of Westminster by Jonah Jones
The Cinderella Ring by Aydrea Walden

Day 3: Sunday 9th September 2018

Inside the Illuminati by Alan Butterworth
Refuge by Julie Tosh-Coles
Ratman and the Cherokee by Anna Barzotti
The Split by Laura Götz
Waste by Jessica Burn
The Last Rally by Ian Malcolm Helps

Troubled Waters by Desi Lyon
House of Common by Amanda Webster
Unblemished by Mera Kalam
Fixed by Kerry Russell
Bunny Hop by Jamie Hughes
Someone Like You by Jon Ryan

Vampire Queens by Aina Greig
Like Mother, Like Daughter by Vered Neta
The National Theatre of Nowhere, Nebraska by Fiona Leitch
The Barefoot Boys by Tom Lockridge
Old Hand by Gavin McGibbon
Angels Unawares by Lynn Robertson Hay

Routine by Vera Mark
Lasso by Jane Helliwell
Parallel Me by Bianca Jaeger Montobbio
Delusion by Nick Fogg
The Tower by Melissa Reynolds
Shattered by Christopher Lang

Bear & Eagle by Joey Kelly
Hitting Fate by Vin Pandit
Rattle by Danielle Wager
Drag by Nick Kirby
Frances Loves Oscar Wilde by York Davis
Art and Soul by Victoria Taylor Roberts

Making a Boob by Eileen Wilson
Dead Funny by Luke Graves
Always Alice by Thomas Lockridge
A Mother’s Love by Allan Hill
No Country for Bald Men by Terry Concannon
Breaking of a Butterfly by Caroline Summerfield