ALIEN Audio Drama: Which script would YOU choose?

As you may know we are recording an ALIEN audiodrama with Dirk Maggs at the festival.

Much like we did a few years back. And we asked delegates to submit a script. Judging is underway now and the field is still 100% open. We have not even shortlisted, but we wanted to get YOUR view on each of these three submissions.

Which would you choose? And why?

Please vote and leave your comments below. We don’t just want to know WHAT you think, but why. 

Vote below and please leave comments too…


See you at the festival.

Chris Jones


13 thoughts on “ALIEN Audio Drama: Which script would YOU choose?”

  1. Vix says:

    Minimum Safe Distance – we land slap bang in the action, some snappy, funny lines amid the tension and a neat surprise to wrap it up. It won my vote!

  2. Dave Sinclair says:

    I thought ALIEN CREW EXPENDABLE 3 (the one with the minimum safe distance) was the better story – as it contained one crew member dieing but the other apparently escaping (thus heightening the tension as the stakes were clearly life or death) but there was a great twist – in that the second crew member did not in fact escape – and the proper order was restored by Mother killing the second crew member (and thus protecting humanity – which after all is what we want to see happen).

  3. Anita says:

    Great stuff in all three. Script 1 edges past the others for me becos the two human characters are more real (personal relationship adds depth and stakes) and AI tricked (rather than turned off) with humanity trumping both AI and alien, plus in Script 3 if AI fully lobotomised how does it come back to life to kill Roberts (if I have misunderstood, sorry)

    1. Vix says:

      Yeah I agree the personal relationships gives them an immediate poignancy – you’re rooting for them! I cracked up at the lobotomy line though, and thought it was a bit of misdirection – we think it’s disabled, but is it really? All were enjoyable though!

  4. ANOM says:

    For audio drama, it read really well. I didn’t need visuals to understand what was going on. It was definitely the best in terms of clarity for me.

    1. says:

      Hi there! Thank you for commenting. Which script are you reacting to here?

  5. Desi says:

    Script three feels as if it would be confusing as a radio play…..action line states ‘alien bursts out of Robert’ chest’…how would we know? The script does not tell us what we hear. Script one was the clearest in terms of what we ‘see’ with our ears. I don’t know if it was deliberate but the dialogue of the people and the AI entities were all very similar …made me wonder if they were written with AI.

  6. Al (not AI!) says:

    Well done to all the writers! My favourite is Script 1 – good story and pacing, and easy to visualise as an audio production. With Script 2, I’d personally have preferred a higher action to dialogue ratio. Script 3 had a great twist at the end, but for me lost some pace through lengthy scene descriptions – which means I think it could work very well for the live editing session at LSF. Great job, everyone!

  7. Anon says:

    Anon – sorry Bob 😂 script one !

  8. Paul says:

    They are all good, but my preference is script one.

  9. Suzy Miller says:

    I preferred script 2 – the life pods. It had some actual human interest/pathos.

    Felt like a proper story.

  10. Bert Cara says:

    I loved Script 1! You really go into the characters and easy to visualize the story 🙂

  11. Ana says:

    Script 1 for me. Terminator ending.

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