Writing, Producing, Funding and Shooting your short film with Vanessa Bailey

Are you a frustrated writer or actor? Maybe it’s time to take your destiny into your own hands and become a ‘reluctant producer’? So… How did an actress with zero filmmaking experience make the leap to successful writer and producer … MORE

The Twisted50 Shortlist will be announced… Join the Thunderclap

Can you join our Social Media Thunderclap to announce the Shortlist for Twisted50 volume 2? You can join it HERE and will take just 30 seconds. Twisted50 is part of Create50, the London Screenwriters’ Festival initiative to platform new talent. … MORE

Year of Yes: How Shonda Rhimes (showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) became a TV Titan…and how you can too…

By Emma Hallewell Shonda Rhimes is awesome. That’s just a fact. She’s one of the most powerful people in American TV, with her shows running back to back on Thursday nights on ABC. They even promote it with the slogan … MORE

Ten reasons to come to the LondonSWF launch on Wednesday 14th June with Ken Loach

When: June 14th Where: Regents University, London How much: £9 / Tickets limited You do not need to be a LondonSWF delegate to attend. So it’s the LondonSWF Launch this week (June 14th) – it promises to be an inspiringevent … MORE

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2017 Launch Event (June 14th)

On June 14th, the London Screenwriters’ Festival will host Ken Loach for an extraordinary conversation about screenwriting, filmmaking and of course, the future of our country post the 2017 General Election. Join us for the 2017 LondonSWF official launch event. … MORE

A Tale of Two Shorts by Ben S. Hyland

In 2014 I wrote a short film that I was convinced was going to propel me to BAFTA glory.  The film was called ‘Stay’. It was to be an arty masterpiece – shot over four seasons, virtually no dialogue, and … MORE

Beyond Cool: Scott Myers is Coming To The London Screenwriters’ Festival

By Dee Chilton If you’ve any interest in screenwriting, you will likely already know of  Scott Myers and his fabulous resource site, ‘Go Into The Story’, which was adopted as the official screenwriting blog of the Black List. ( I’m … MORE

Three quick ways to transform clichéd or dull women characters… By Linda Aronson

Here’s how… There are three sorts of adventure film that routinely include weak women characters.  These  characters are there because they are thought of as being merely  ‘love interest’ (romantic or paternal) for a male protagonist. (poster note here… A … MORE

Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix will launch for LondonSWF!

As I am sure you know, director of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, Nicholas Meyer, is coming to this years LondonSWF. And it couldn’t be more timely as Netflix will be launching Star Trek: Discovery around the same … MORE

Actors’ Table Read at LondonSWF 2017 is now open for submissions

Just a quick reminder that the Actors’ Table Read is now open for submissions, and as an LSF delegate you should really consider this opportunity – you can get your script worked on live by pro actors and a director … MORE