Discovering the Very ‘Best’ You – An Introvert’s Guide to Talent Campus by Kim L. Wheeler

Looking back at the whole Talent Campus experience, it’s amazing to realise the inner demons which many of us ‘Campers’ have conquered since we first turned up at Ealing Studios in July. For example: I’m shy yet determined; quiet yet … MORE

Feel the fire… and do it anyway, by Joe Cawley

“So who wants to walk across fire?” If you were to make a list of the top ten things you’d be asked to do at a screenwriting masterclass weekend – actually, make that the top 100 – I’m pretty sure … MORE

How Talent Campus Connected Me With My Tribe and Passion by Bryony Quigley

I felt like a failure for more reasons than I can count (something common to most writers) and needed something to lift me up and yes, Talent Campus was it. The girl that entered Talent Campus Ignition (the first part … MORE

Why Talent Campus is the next Big Event on your 2017 Calendar by John Tan

I’m by nature quite a non-emotive person. As in, if given a choice to express myself or not to, I would unashamedly go for the latter. Right now I’m breaking this ludicrous rule of mine because I feel I owed … MORE

5 Ways Talent Campus Made Us Superheroes, And Can Make You One Too By David Poole

Hollywood loves superheroes. Audiences love superheroes. And while we all grumble about them now and then nothing beats a fantastic origin story. I have one for you. Thirty-three mild mannered screenwriters haunted by rejection and trauma are drawn together in … MORE

1700 degree hot coals are not designed to be a carpet to success…

By Talent Camper 2.0… Alexis Howell-Jones 1700 degree hot coals are not designed to be a carpet to success. After the second part of Talent Campus, I stand corrected. And given I walked over them, both having been corrected and … MORE

Firewalk with me! How 30 writers walked across 750 degree hot coals

Last Thursday I led a group of 30 brave screenwriters, barefoot, across 750 degree hot coals in aid of charity. The experience for everyone present was nothing short of transformational. The firewalk causes everyone, to face very real fear and … MORE

Feedback from the 7th London Screenwriters Festival #LondonSWF16

Each year we ask our delegates what their experience was like, and here’s what they shared this year. ‘The LSF doesn’t change your life – it gives you the belief that you can change it yourself’ Craig Malpass, Screenwriter ‘I’ve … MORE

Final Call For Non Linear Screenwriter Two Day Masterclass This Weekend

Linda Aronson is the worlds leading expert and teacher in non traditional screenplay structure. In this two day masterclass you will learn how the masters use techniques we love and see so often in classic movies. Such as… Multiple protagonists … MORE

What did first time LondonSWF delegates think of their experience?

If you have never been to LondonSWF and are wondering should you come, here is some feedback from delegates who had come for the first time this year. ‘The sessions were great and super-informative. I’ve read before on the website … MORE