Breaking Into Script Reading, 2 day workshop with Lucy V Hay

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An intensive two-day workshop that breaks down the art and craft of reading scripts to help improve your own writing, to also improve your feedback for other writers and most importantly, to earn you money as a professional reader.

When: Saturday May 7th to Sunday 8th May 2016
Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing W5 5EP
How much: Early Bird – £89 / Standard – £139

Learn how to produce industry standard analysis for agents, producers, production companies and broadcasters – all of whom have mountainous ‘read’ piles. The ability to distinguishing a ‘Pass’ from a ‘Consider’, or even a ‘Recommend’ will make you a valuable asset to the biggest and most prolific production companies. Key elements covered include:

  • WHO uses script readers
  • WHAT the key components of a script report are
  • WHERE to source those elusive script reading jobs (even ones not advertised)
  • WHEN to walk away and avoid conflict with writers
  • WHY reading as a job can improve your writing AND most importantly, your understanding of the business.

What is included?

  • Writing a fully professional report
  • How to negotiate pay for your work and where to find it
  • Techniques for constructive criticism and avoiding conflict
  • What constitutes “marketability”
  • Identifying strong concepts
  • Why context matters: how sample scripts and sold scripts differ
  • Tips for helping writers improve their craft
  • Understanding how logistics affect filmmaking
  • How to write positive script reports that get results for writers and execs and gets you re-hired for the next job

Optional homework both before and after the workshop

Through pre and post course assignments, you will also learn how to analyse film and TV scripts and pinpoint why some work … and some simply don’t!

Why become a script reader?

  • You can work freelance, on your own terms, wherever you like and fit it around your existing commitments
  • It’s challenging, interesting work in an industry that never stays still, keeping you on your toes!
  • You can make money AND work in the film, TV or literary industry, no more day job to distract you
  • It’s a great way to make useful and interesting contacts
  • There is professional development: script readers often move into script editing and some become development executives, literary agents, producers and filmmakers
  • Reading other people’s scripts is a sure fire way to improve the quality of your own work. Get paid to do it.

In other words: script reading is a PERFECT job for the creatively minded!

BREAKING INTO SCRIPT READING is tailored for those who want to gain understanding of how the marketplace works, as well as how to analyse screenplays professionally.

lucy-v-hayYour Tutor: The course is taught by Lucy V Hay, author, script editor, producer and blogger behind Bang2write, one of the UK’s top sites for screenwriters. Lucy has been a script reader for agents, production companies, screen agencies, investment initiatives, screenwriting competitions and individual writers and directors for over ten years.

Feedback from past Script Reading Course

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Last weekend we ran our hugely successful Breaking Into Script Reading with Lucy V Hay.

‘Absolutely recommend this course if you’re looking for insight from a professional who clearly knows the business.’
Hugo Alves, Writer/Director

‘This course not only helped me understand how to be a script reader, it showed me how to be a script writer who can connect to an audience. Great atmosphere, great knowledge and great contacts.’
Daemian Greaves, Filmmaker/Writer

‘The event allowed for real networking which led to potential career opportunities. Well worth the time, truly explores the nitty gritty of the job while preparing you to try it for yourself.’
Michael Jennings, Director/Filmmaker

‘This workshop has renewed my focus and motivation. I can’t imagine not having attended it – it’s that good!’
Rapinder Kaur, Screenwriter/Reader

‘I didn’t dare hope for this level of insight and support, I couldn’t be more psyched about my script reading career! I’ll be back!’
Lydia Palmese, Novelist

‘Lucy is AMAZING!’
Neil Elton, Filmmaker

‘Lucy is a total rock star, down to earth, fun but highly knowledgeable.’
Philip Lawrence, Writer

‘This course was amazing! Not only did I gain valuable insights but I left feeling motivated and inspired. I felt like Wonder Woman!’
Gannesh Rajah, Creative/Producer

‘Lucy is a driving force for improving script reading, and therefore script writing, in the UK.’
Andrew Williamson, Writer

‘Potential Script Readers can’t afford to not attend this course. Lucy gives a great but realistic view of the script reading/editing world whilst providing useful screenwriting advice. 2 for the price of 1. Thank you!’
Bren Sanders, Writer

‘The course has gone over and above my expectations. It has been a real shot in the arm for my creativity.’
Dan Cassell, Screenwriter

‘I have found my USP – thanks. You will see the results on screen!’
Beverley Cooper-Chambers, Writer/Producer

‘You have given me the tools to go on another adventure, alongside the writing and filmmaking adventures I am also undertaking and enjoying. Great value for money!’
Penny O’Shaughnessy, Writer/Script Reader

‘I wish I had half of Lucy’s energy and knowledge of films – fantastic!’
Dee Sidlo, Writer

‘Lucy is an exceptional presenter, and has shared her passion with clarity and fizz. Bravo!’
Paul Draper, Writer

‘Kickstarted my confidence and provided impetus to stop ‘hi-jacking’ my own scripts.’
Peter Barker, Writer

‘I am now determined to strengthen my relationships with my filmmaker friends, to form a team to actually get things done! This course has clarified a lot of questions I had in my own screenwriting about genre and structure, and I already feel more confident in my writing.’
Vera Juliusdottir, Writer/Director

‘Lucy gives a compelling and informative insight into the processes of a Script Reader.’
Daniel Gage, Editor/Aspiring Writer

‘Amazing networking has given me new ideas and increased motivation. Thanks!’
John Sheldon, Screenwriter

‘Lucy really knows her stuff – gritty, frank and blunt – but always fair. I really respect her integrity.’
Jane Campion Hoye, Actor/Writer

‘I recommend this course to all writers/readers and filmmakers for the networking opportunities as well as the in-depth knowledge surrounding script development.’
Ruth Trippitt, Script Researcher

‘The sheer enthusiasm and energy of the speakers really inspired me to take the plunge and make my dreams come true. Writing can be a very solitary and draining experience and the workshop really made you want to have fun with it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!’
Violet Macdonald, Writer

‘Big thanks to Lucy Hay and Chris Jones for leading the charge on film professionals working together rather than viewing others as competition. I LOVE that positive spirit!’
Mary Albanese, Writer

Refunds: If you need to cancel your ticket purchase you can get a full refund up until 30 days prior to the event. After that we cannot offer refunds. Refunds will be paid back promptly although there will be a 10% admin fee deducted. Alternatively, tickets are transferable to other people if you can find someone to replace you. We are happy to change the name on the ticket. Please allow 48 hours for this change to take place. We reserve the right to decline admission and offer a full refund at our discretion. We reserve the right to change the venue. We reserve the right to cancel the event and offer a full refund.

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