Congratulations to the Successful 2015 Advanced Mentoring Labs Applicants

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There are seven labs at the festival this year and here are the successful applicants. We have not yet confimed the session times, successful applicants will get a mail from us very soon confirming exactly when and where over the LondonSWF weekend their lab will take place.

Lab 1: Nicole Perlman and Fantastical Universes

  • Alexandru Chelaru
  • Vanessa Yardley
  • Catherine Skinner
  • Simon Underwood
  • Emily Cracknell
  • Miranda Jane Sen

Lab 2: Philip Shelley – Creating TV Drama series

  • Victoria Taylor Roberts
  • David Hendon
  • Bethan Marlow
  • Mandy Carpenter
  • Eddie Coleman
  • Rachel Kelly

Lab 3: Yvonne Grace – Writing For Soaps

  • Philip Lawrence
  • Hannah Goraya
  • Lisa McMullin
  • Sarah Cassidy
  • Kristina Day
  • Miranda Duffy

Lab 4: Stephen Follows – Microbudget Features

  • Mark Hampton
  • Omar Khan
  • Joanne Lloyd
  • Pascale Harris
  • Deva Palmier
  • Danielle Wager

Lab 5: Ged Parsons – Sketches and jokes

  • Christopher Armstrong
  • Andrew Fawn
  • Gary Sharp
  • Gavin Grant

Lab 6: Joshua Johnston – Writing True Stories

  • Cera Rose Pickering
  • Helen Bang
  • Lauri Donahue
  • Louise Johnson
  • Neil O’ Neil
  • Tracey Parsons

Lab 7: Julian Richards – Writing Horror

  • Dee Chilton
  • Victoria Howell
  • Kieran Masterton
  • Lee Burgess
  • Richard Wheildon
  • Michael Montgomery

The schedule is now updated with the lab timings and you can check when yours land. If you have slipped through the net and there is a clash with your lab and an Actors Table Read, let me know and we will get it resolved for you.

Congratulations again.

Chris Jones