Feedback 2013


Feedback For The London Screenwriters Festival 2013

Biggest and bestest yet, the LSF 2013 expanded into our own marque this year and saw record numbers of delegates and speakers.

If we keep on expanding, it will be Wembley stadium next! Here’s what people had to say bout the festival.

  • Joe Eszterhas close-up on stage‘I learned as much from the people I met there as, I hope, they learned from me. I had great fun and, from what I saw and heard, I think they had fun too. If Chris asked me to jump off a cliff, I’d probably do it. As you Brits say, “Fucking, fucking brilliant!’
    Joe Eszterhas, Screenwriter: ‘Basic Instinct’, ‘Jagged Edge’, ‘Flashdance’
  • 393127_10151433217954779_1974854301_n‘It was life changing!’
    Kati Royle, Screenwriter
  • 1039110085‘I had my mind blown, my inspiration multiplied by ten, my reality checked and my gob smacked. I ended up with studio and agent contacts, a writer’s group and a script editor’
    Will Stubbs, Screenwriter
  • 1038347486‘Amazing seminars, world-class speakers, uber-friendly delegates, and everywhere energy, energy and generosity. If you don’t come away from this feeling inspired and motivated then you better check whether you actually have a pulse in the first place.’
    Matthew Curlewis, Writer
  • 1039106009‘Thanks for a transformational weekend – the table read was mind blowing – what an incredible resource and community this is!!’
    Ava Regal, Screenwriter
  • 1012870289‘I arrived feeling like an amateur and left feeling like a screenwriter’
    Stephen Burn, Writer,
  • 1040908412‘What a fantastic event. I talked loads, pitched loads, and learned loads.’
    Sinéad Fagan, Screenwriter
  • 1040483807‘I have hit the ground running since I left the festival. I have had two script requests and a meeting with a producer and NONE of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you and your team’
    Ndidi Spencer, Screenwriter and Director
  • 1038042788‘I thought: my masters degree in scriptwriting, my trip to the cannes film festival and Hollywood and the first time I was commissioned to write a screenplay were the most important and influential things in my career…… They weren’t. The LSF 2013 WAS. The LSF 2013 WAS. The LSF 2013 WAS.’
    Luke Shipman, Screenwriter
  • 26611461‘LSF is now as crucial to the future of the British film industry as the BFI, and due to its global appeal, LSF is making waves around the world.’
    Tom Kerevan, Writer & Producer
  • 1034210908‘There is a generosity of spirit and which pervades every aspect of the festival, creating a sense of the possible. I became a screenwriter this weekend.’
    Colleen Burns, Writer
  • 577063827‘All year I mostly get to be someone’s mother, someone’s partner, someone’s friend. At LSF, for three whole days, I get to be me – someone who writes screenplays – and it’s ok, because there’s a whole bunch of us who do the same too’.
    Rachel McAdam, Writer
  • 1031703685‘A life changing experience’
    Francisco Mata, Screenwriter
  • 1041591948‘Stop thinking, just buy your ticket. Now! Seriously, you will not regret it.’
    Andrew Fleming, Screenwriter
  • 1039401441‘Loved every minute! Made some great new friends and loads of contacts. Just bought my ticket for next year! ’
    Joanna Gordon, Screenwirter
  • 695538465‘What an amazing weekend, I had a fab actors table read and 3 script requests from the pitching session’
    Paul Arrowsmith, Screenwriter
  • 1039122167I loved the warm atmosphere created by Chris and his team. They made me feel cared for and I felt like nothing was too much for them.’
    Janet Van Eeden, Writer & Filmmaker
  • 1039105834‘The LSF is extraordinary value.’
    Mary Evans, Writer
  • 1015213982‘It is great to be surrounded by so many other brilliant and talented writers – all there to share, network, pitch, vent, learn, listen and just have a great time. It has re-energised and re-focused my writing career but most importantly this festival easily helped create some amazing friendships that I already know will last a lifetime.’
    Clara Emanuel, Writer & Actor
  • 1039178264It was my first LSF and it was worth every penny. So much so, that when I got home last night I booked my ticket for next year! It was a wonderful creative bubble to live in for a few days, challenging, informative, inspiring and fun. What more could I want?’
    Janet Awe, Screenwriter
  • 1041698867‘I didn’t think that LSF could get any better, but my expectations were blown completely out of the water in 2013.’
    Alli Parker, Filmmaker, @alli-and-that
  • 1043379966‘It’s an amazing feeling being somewhere and thinking, ‘Oh I get it  – this is my place, and this is my thing”
    Mandy Jayne Constance, Screenwriter
  • 1043248491‘Brilliantly organized, loved the pre event phone call too.’
    Michelle Margherita, Writer, @mishmags
  • 1040445252‘Everyone I met was so friendly and approachable and helpful! I felt like every single person I met gave me something that I needed to take me to the next step of my journey.’
    Emily Southall, Screenwriter
  • 900411781‘The LSF actively encourages face to face meetings between recognized and as yet unrecognized talent. In a world dominated by hierarchies, it is refreshing to be in an atmosphere of equals, where the business of art is the common pursuit’
    Stephen Ridley, Writer
  • 1038369288‘I had an amazing time which only now, looking back on it, I realise actually changed me and my perspective on life. To meet so many creative, talented and inspiring people in one place was an incredible experience.’
    Karen Roos, Screenwriter
  • 1031703685‘A life changing experience. Informative sessions and a relaxed and encouraging networking atmosphere make for a winning combination. I feel energized and creative, and ready to take my writing to the next level by applying all that I learned on the weekend.’
    Francisco Mata, Writer
  • 1037584468‘I am way too tired and emotional to be remotely eloquent but just wanted to thank you for a wonderful festival. I learned a lot, found strength and courage for pitching (and the next steps), met brilliant people and generally had such a laugh throughout!’
    Susie Farrell, Screenwriter
  • 630323686‘Last year, I met my co-writer and we wrote two scripts. This year we are pitching those scripts to agents and producers at the Pitchfest’.
    John Parker, Writer,
  • LouPanteli1‘I went away with so much helpful and insightful notes that I was immediately able to apply to my scripts.’
    Lou Panteli, Writer
  • 1039658248‘This has been (again!) a fantastic experience. Thank you for the passion and all the efforts you put in making this wonderful event happen.’
    Agnieszka Kruk, Screenwriter
  • 1040413192‘A packed, intense, immersive rollercoaster ride’
    Paul Sukhija, Director
  • 1015280734‘I’m finding it hard to get back down to earth after such an inspirational 3 days’
    Ron Middleton, Screenwriter
  • 1031662835‘Feeds the head and the heart and the soul with ideas and experience and knowledge’
    Terry Concannon, Writer
  • 867842819I’ve never seen so many people so exhausted and elated at the same time!’
    Leilani Holmes, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  • 1028811212‘I got talking to one of your speakers, the very lovely Karol Griffiths, and without my asking, she offered and gave up her time to help me refine my pitch. As a result, out of the 3 pitches I made I got 2 requests for my screenplay! All your blood, sweat and tears are definitely worth it. It was brilliant! It is THE event to go to as a screenwriter. I will be coming back next year and the year after, and the year…’
    Fiona Hunniset, Screenwriter
  • 1040344298‘It was better than going on holiday! I came away buzzing with excitement – no holiday blues!’ I simply cannot wait for the next one!’
    David Buick, Writer & Director
  • 464332015‘Thanks for yet another awesome weekend, this one though included one of the best days of my life! Awesome Pitch Fest in the morning, Joe Eszterhas LAB after lunch and phenomenal Script Doc session with Paul Basset Davies in the afternoon!’
    MJ Hermanny, Screenwriter and Filmmaker
  • 1040483807‘I had high expeditions of the festival and they were totally exceeded. I met great people and learnt a wealth of information. It was brilliant.’
    Ndidi Spencer, Screenwriter and Director
  • 1039288084‘Since the LSF I feel I’m no longer a teacher who also writes but a writer who also teaches. Quite a shift in how I define myself.’
    Kristina Day, Screenwriter
  • 817733585‘I have come away inspired, energized, and equiped with a whole load of new tools both for writing and for pulling off the tricky business of selling my skills as a writer.
    Adam Preston, Screenwriter
  • 1040928932‘I would encourage screenwriters living in the States to fly over the Atlantic for the LSF. Make a week of it!’
    Anthony D Paul, Screenwriter
  • 1042334309I’ve just had an offer of a second book deal, a sequel, but I’ve started the screenplay instead and can’t stop! Going to the festival made me realise it’s possible, and given that I’ve seen it in my head as a movie from the very beginning of writing (cast – Ewan McGregor / Matt Damon; Morgan Freeman; Mark Strong with a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer – I’ve learned how to think BIG 🙂 ) it’s a joy to write.Thanks for the inspiration. I owe you a lot.’
    Elizabeth McGuagan, Writer @libbymcgugan
  • 727930925‘I made amazing contacts and I am now exploring some great opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without LSF! I shall be dedicating my first Oscar / BAFTA to you guys!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, Screenwriter
  • 1011878161‘An embarrassment of riches, I was like a kid in a candy store’
    Amanda Harper, Creative
  • 1034210908‘The LSF was the perfect combination of the practical and the inspirational with just plain amazing on top. What made it different from so many events was that you guys clearly thought about the experience of the delegate when organising the event. I am so pleased to now be part of the community.’
    Colleen Burns, Screenwriter
  • 1041752267‘Taught me more about writing and making films than my degree!’
    Amy Livingstone, Writer
  • 1040818669‘The festival has created a grounded, rounded, richly valuable experience for writers like myself’
    Lee Stone, Writer
  • 1040937027‘I went straight from a script chat with an Oscar winner to the writer / director of one of the most exciting indie films’
    Tom Fletcher, Screenwriter, @TomFletcherPtk
  • 1039784507I have a greater understanding of how I fit into this industry and how to navigate my career now. Thank you’
    Hayley Treacy Pepler, Writer & Producer
  • 1039106015‘The festival has made a huge impact on my life already. It allowed me to attend classes on the things I needed to learn more about and focus on. It also put me in touch with new contacts, make new friends, test my ideas out and motivate me to keep on going with my writing.’
    Vicky Hinault, Screenwriter
  • 695538465‘There is nowhere else where writers this side of the Atlantic can network and have the opportunities that the LSF presents’
    Paul Arrowsmith, Writer & Author
  • 1018430978‘A whirlwind where for three days, the outside world simply ceased to be.’
    Emmanuel Casey, Writer
  • 832071834‘The ‘Elevator pitch with Ned Dowd was truly an ‘elevating’ pitch!’
    Jesmond Pace, Writer & Producer,
  • IMG_20130903_125255‘The Elevator Pitch was the best shot of adrenaline I’ve had in years – the perfect legal high.’
    Diana Rampton, Writer & Filmmaker,

pitchfestThe Great British Pitchfest Feedback

Each year, delegates get a sessions in which they can pitch to top execs, agents and producers from both here in the UK, and Hollywood. Here’s what both they, and the Pitch Execs, Agents and Producers said about their experience.

  • image0031‘As always LSF this year was fantastic, it’s a great opportunity to meet talented writers with innovative scripts. I’m always on the look out inspiring stories and new collaborators, and I’ve got an abundance to choose from this year!’
    Jade Alexander – Producer, Little Jade Productions &  DHP Studios
  • 1039119363‘Pitch Fest was nothing like I imagined. The executives listened attentively, asked pertinent questions, and saw the picture. And, of course, made great friends with the people in line with me’
    Zara Altair, Writer
  • KTParker headshot‘Brilliant. I’ve already had a follow-up email from one of the executives I pitched to…’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • RL-Photo1-125x125‘What I loved about it was producers meeting writers face to face’
    Rebecca Long – Producer and Financer
  • 1041840563‘I came from Paris and loved it, especially the PitchFest! I got 3 script requests and all the others asked for a one pager or gave me cards.’
    Eurydice Da Silva, Screenwriter
  • 798443436‘I pitched to Jon Montague of Sky on an impulse, having not planned to, and he loved the idea and requested the script!’
    Dominic Carver, Writer, @DomCarver
  • 1039876654‘I came to the LSF thinking that execs and agents were terrifying – now I know they are just lovely people who WANT your script to be great. It’s the only place to offer a chance to have one to one time with so many executives and producers’
    Elizabeth Crawford, Writer & Actress, @lizloocrawf
  • Untitled11‘The PitchFest was a great experience and my pitch evolved rapidly as I saw what execs responded to’
    Jacqueline Escolme, Writer
  • 5ce7176b14b3a5ba3f7e00d4b58c7e7d‘Since getting back to Liverpool, I’ve had three script requests from companies I researched and subsequently pitched at the PitchFest’
    Alison Down, Screenwriter

lswf80Feedback from Speakers

Speakers and practitioners at the London Screenwriters’ Festival form the main body of what we do, offering insight, experience and inspiration. Year on year, many request to return to LSF to experience the atmosphere and passion from other speakers and delegates alike. Here is what some of them had to share with us…

  • Brandy-Headshot-125x125‘It was amazing, and one of the best festivals that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I feel like there was great talent there… And I hope to find a client or so!!’
    Brandy Rivers, Agent at The Gersh Agency, Hollywood
  • curtis-brown-125x125‘The LSF is a great opportunity for an agent to find new voices who are engaged and interested in the screenwriting process’
    Sam Greenwood – Curtis Brown (Agent)
  • Shirani-Le-Mercier-Passport-Photo-Final1-125x125‘LSF is what every festival of this nature should strive to be: a place where the creative vibe, the enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and the camaraderie are second to none. And that’s from someone who has been to all sorts of festivals, big and small, over the past 16 years!’
    Shirani Le Mercier – Independent Film/TV Producer
  • julie-gray2-100x100‘I always tell screenwriters to be very judicious about how they spend their time or money vis a vis screenwriting. To only attend an event or two each year, to only take so many classes. To spend most of their time and effort writing. The LSF is THE event that screenwriters should make every effort to attend. You simply won’t find better speakers or more inviting, conducive or professional environment for learning. The atmosphere is utterly professional – and just too much fun! What a combination.’
    Julie Gray, Screenwriter

Actors-Table-Read-0031The Actors Table Read

At the festival, we invite delegates to submit up to five pages of their script, to be workshopped by professional actors and a director.

First introduced in 2013, the ATR has now become a runaway success for the festival.

  • 1040164231‘Highlight for me was the Actors Table Read: The actors brought my script to life under the outstanding direction of last-minute stand-in Lance Nielsen – these people are SO TALENTED!’
    Geoff Stillwell, Screenwriter
  • 21364766_angela_dixon_spotlight_2013-125x125‘I found it incredibly energising, creative, and inspiring. I’m really looking forward to being on board if I can next year.’
    Angela Dixon, participating Actor
  • 1041866093‘I cannot tell you how invaluable the Actors Table Read was for me – and from feedback I’ve heard other writers too.  It was definitely the highlight of the festival’
    Sylvia-Anne Parker, Screenwriter
  • 1041096696As an actor, what a great experience it was to be involved with the table reads over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone was so generous and lovely and the environment felt very safe for everyone to get the most out of the time.’
    Sarah Waddell, Actress
  • 900918284‘For a writer to see a Director and two actors bring his work to life, to understand it, to change it, to make the writer see better ways of doing what he’s done, is a priceless experience. I’ve been writing award winning TV commercials for over forty years but I can honestly say the hour I spent on Saturday afternoon was one of the best and most rewarding of my life’
    Terry Comer, Screenwriter
  • 1041644224‘The Table Read was one of the most productive hours I have EVER spent on a script!’
    John Handscombe, Writer, @JohnHandscombe
  • 21364766_photo2-125x125I was honoured to have been a part of something so vital and just didn’t want the weekend to end. And I made some fabulous contacts!’
    Lisa Rose, participating Actress

joe-eszterhas-labAdvanced Mentoring Script Labs Feedback

The Advanced Mentoring Labs offer six writers the chance to spend three hours taking their project to the next level, like this Lab with Joe Eszterhas on writing Hollywood Thrillers.

Here’s what some delegates said about the labs…

  • 429833972‘Joe Eszterhas is reading my script!’
    Dee Chilton, Screenwriter, @DeeChilton
  • 1040538283‘I’m still buzzing my socks off about the lab… what a tremendous experience!’
    Michelle Lindsay, Screenwriter
  • 1041856424‘An outstanding and extremely well-run Lab and my writing has benefited enormously from it. Can’t thank you guys enough.’
    Eben Skilleter, Screenwriter
  • 1037955794‘The Lab was brilliant, so useful and insightful’
    Aurora Fearnley, Screenwriter
  • 1041872693‘The Lab worked out far better than any of us hoped’
    Mike Waugh, Screenwriter
  • 1041832351‘It was the highlight of the festival for me, so glad to have been a part of it.’
    Jasmer Towner, Screenwriter
  • 595314656‘I had a blast in that room!’
    Simon Underwood, Screenwriter

scriptEuroScript Read Feedback

At the festival, the lovely people at EuroScript commit to reading for over 100 of our delegates, and offer them world class feedback on their work.

Here’s the feedback on THEIR feedback!

  • 832071834“If you can get to do this – do it. Best thing I’ve done by far at LSF.”
    Rachel Meaden, Screenwriter
  • 1040705945“This alone was worth the trip to LSF.”
    Faith Pennick, Screenwriter
  • 1039135648“Extremely helpful practical advice – expert insight into the structure of the screenplay.”
    Luke Harding, Screenwriter
  • 1040895885“Really nice feedback and tutor. I think it was just brilliant.”
    Gaile Garnelyte, Screenwriter
  • 832071834“Brilliant, detailed feedback – really helped me see next steps for script.”
    Lorren Boniface, Screenwriter
  • 1039401441“The tutor gave me concise, useful, intelligent feedback and was lovely … I thought it was perfect.”
    Joanna Gordon, Screenwriter
  • 798296295.bin“Helped me get to the core of my story. Make sure you do it again next year!”
    Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter

035Legal Clinic Feedback

At the LSF we offer a legal clinic where you can book into a 30 minute slot to get free legal advice from our resident lawyers, Blue Pencil Media from Pinewood Studios. Here is some feedback from their clinic this year.

  • 900918284‘The Legal Clinic was very helpful and cleared up a couple of legal points about intellectual property ownership that I wasn’t sure about. I’d definitely recommend it.’
    Terry Comer, Screenwriter
  • 1034210908‘Julian was easy to talk to and, happily, very reassuring about my project. I got advice I didn’t know I needed and it was really helpful. Talking to someone who understands how it all works – and who is on the writer’s side – was enormously helpful.’
    Colleen Burns, Screenwriter
  • 1039546037‘The Legal Clinic was a game changer for me’
    Kati Royle, Screenwriter
  • 1017247754‘I had a great experience at the legal clinic’
    Jane Hamer, Screenwriter
  • 1039224507‘Very impressed by the friendly and thoughtful advice we received at the Legal Clinic. We had contract and copyright questions to discuss and in both cases were given clear, constructive and unpatronising answers which set our minds at rest. Very highly recommended’
    Eliza Pakenham, Screenwriter
  • 1040913758‘I had a very helpful and useful half hour session with Julian which clarified many legal issues for me’
    Norman Bissell, Screenwriter

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