Feedback from the 6th London Screenwriters Festival #LondonSWF15


NEES4929This year was the year of Wonder Woman and we chose to raise the bar on our collective sustained energy at the festival. We also invited even bigger and more inspiring names and committed to creating magic moments that none of us – delegates, speakers, staff and superhero volunteers – would NEVER forget.

Here’s what people said…

  • PERLMAN_NICOLE‘LondonSWF has done a wonderful at job fostering a tight-knit community of screenwriters from all over the world. Truly a memorable and worthwhile experience.’
    Nicole Perlman, Screenwriter
    Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 1054589516‘LSF is an espresso hit of craft and creativity. I defy anyone to leave not buzzing and charged up’.
    Paul Draper, Screenwriter
  • Montgomery‘If LSF doesn’t inspire you to pursue your dream, nothing will.’
    Giles Montgomery, Screenwriter
  • cawley‘Unbelievably awesome!’
    Joe Cawley, Screenwriter, Author
  • Freeney‘It really was an incredible and life-changing event. It’s such a long and busy few days but adrenaline and inspirations just drove me!’
    Mark Freeney, Screenwriter
  • 11796242_10154423972857619_4685274571192788247_n‘As an Screenwriter, I loved feeling ‘part of something.’ To meet people, who understood how hard, frustrating, exhilarating and consuming the creative process is, because they all go through the same emotions as you. I cannot say enough good things about the amazing staff and volunteers and the speakers were wonderful, informative and approachable. I can honestly say that I am a changed person. Thank you!’
    Dorothée Küpers, Screenwriter
  • 164375_10150369807705193_1083892_n‘One of the most amazing things about LSF is the feeling of belonging to a great, big family!’
    Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter
  • image‘The best festival I’ve attended, EVER!’
    Marcus Distant, screenwriter
  • 1085378485‘LSF is an incredible experience – it is a packed weekend designed with writers in mind. The LSF team and volunteers go to a huge effort to make the festival a completely mind-blowing experience. I’ll definitely be back!’
    Charlotte Essex, screenwriter
  • 727930925‘LSF feels like school, uni and the warmest, snuggliest part of my bedroom all rolled into one!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, screenwriter, actress.
  • 1138888834‘Totally immersive writing experience to re-invigorate your writing. So many opportunities.’
    Danielle Wager, writer, filmmaker
  • 1150360317‘I enjoyed every minute of it. 10/10 and will return.’
    Craig Warren, screenwriter
  • 1146876579‘LSF is like Christmas. But for screenwriters.’
    Agnieszka Kruk, Established writer, Other creative
  • McMullin‘The breadth of opportunity to experience something amazing is fantastic. And most importantly – I have made some wonderful friends who totally understand what it’s like to be a writer.’
    Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter, Playwright
  • Marantz‘It’s all about the people. The connections you make at LSF will change both your life and your career.’
    David Marantz, Screenwriter
  • Carver‘As always Chris and the gang deliver what I can only describe as a gigantic shot of adrenalin straight into the hearts of writers. LSWF is a three day whirlwind of precious information, energetic pitching and enthusiastic network no writer should be without. It’s so addictive it should have a government health warning.’
    Dominic Carver, Established Writer
  • 832071834‘The ‘JAWS’ script to screen was the best session I have ever attended at the LSWF. The comments and observations were so good it made me see the film almost anew.’
    K Slote, Screenwriter
  • IMAG0534_1‘Spending several days living and breathing writing with like-minded individuals is the best feeling in the world’
    Benny Robinson, Screenwriter, Author, Playwright
  • 1144631912‘Positive, engaging and above all it taught me so much about the industry.’
    Melanie Mahdessian, Director
  • Anthony‘Had the most incredible time at LSF, blown away…! My hand aches, my thumb is bleeding, my heart is full, thank you’
    Sian Anthony, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I’m getting my ticket for next year ASAP!’
    Ciaran Hoffman, filmmaker
  • 1078593737‘I have had an experience that I don’t think I could put a price on (and it’s only Friday). Yesterday I got to sit down at a table and pitch my ideas to several producers and had the Head of Comedy at Sky convincing ME that my ideas were worthwhile. Today I listened to some of my writing heroes talking about their work, had a FREE and really constructive script surgery and THEN I sat at a small table with Stephen fricking Frears and chatted with him. I chatted with Stephen Frears. Tomorrow I’ve got a script lab and Stephen Poliakoff and I’m not sure I’ll bear the excitement. I came to LSF last year on a whim and left with an agent and having formed a writers group through a script lab. So I just wanted to say thank you. Yu provide an experience that is way beyond the cost of that ticket. I don’t know how on earth you do it but THANK YOU.’
    Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter
  • 1060441458‘There is no better more useful more inspiring weekend in the whole year.’
    Ben Mole, writer and director.
  • 1146174316‘Loved every minute, met so many great people, had so many wonderful chats, listened to so many inspiring talks, got feedback, had a wonderful table read, pitched, got interest, couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!’
    Katy Segrove, writer
  • 1145305486‘The atmosphere made it surprisingly easy to talk to complete strangers.’
    Gill Williams, Writer.
  • 1146273562‘A fantastically friendly, supportive and inspiring environment for writers.’
    Jonathan Young, Writer
  • 1106365018‘If you consider the archive of recorded sessions from past festivals, the price is very good value for money.’
    Gabriel Schucam, storyboarder
  • 1110201370‘If you are interested in screenwriting, you cannot afford not to attend the London Screenwriters Festival.’
    Jaye Swift, Filmmaker
  • image‘Perfect festival for any screenwriter, new or old, once you’ve been once you’ll want to keep coming back.’
    Daniel Williamson, screenwriter
  • 1039130689‘A shot in the arm which keeps your screenwriting juices pumped for the next 12 months’.
    Tracy England, writer
  • 1116892671‘LSF gave me a much clearer understanding of the industry than I had before I came.’
    Bianca Rowena, writer
  • 1149345418‘I decided to come 3 days before the festival. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby and worried I would stop writing and pursuing this career. I needed inspiration and new friends to keep going and got both.’
    Christine Reklaitis, writer
  • image‘Just go. You won’t regret it and you might just sell your screenplay.’
    Craig Griffith, filmmaker.
  • IMG_2093756269099‘The LSF will give you courage, confidence and the tools to be able to literally write your on future.’
    Toby Nicholson, screenwriter.
  • 1130294332‘Take every opportunity that comes your way at the festival. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain’
    Samuel Smith, writer
  • 1108129158‘Worth every penny’
    Peter Delaunay, writer/filmmaker.
  • 1147068104‘The actors table read got me the breakthrough I needed for my script.’
    Eivor Bekkhus, writer.
  • 832071834‘I’m going to quit my job on Monday to write full-time. I’m only 25, I have no excuses not to write all the time. I guess I’m moving back in with Mum and Dad!’
    Ciaran Hoffman, filmmaker.
  • ros‘Did the elevator pitch and got asked to send a synopsis to the producers – awesome!’
    Ros Gihan Williams, writer/director.
  • image‘I’ve been empowered to pursue a career I’m passionate about and armed with the tools to do it!’
    Daniel Williamson, screenwriter
  • 832071834‘Best screenwriting festival on the planet. Better than anything in LA.’
    Andrew, filmmaker, writer, theatre director.
  • 464300876‘I got so fired up and enthused all I wanted to do was go away and write.’
    Lorren Boniface, writer
  • 1148701557‘I sat next to a TV director without knowing it and was able to develop a natural relationship which has led to interest in my scripts. You never know who you’ll meet.’
    Anton Russell, writer
  • 1116892671‘The feedback from those I pitched to was priceless.’
    Bianca Rowena, writer
  • 727930925‘I managed to get 7 execs to take my one-pager, several of who were really excited about my new feature!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, screenwriter, actress.
  • 1150278978‘AWWWWWSOMMMMMME!!!!!!!! London Screenwriters Festival, Actors Table Readings, Chris McQuarrie, Actors Who Write… and JAWS – LIVE- with Carl Gottlieb… unberfuckingleivable. Thank you to ALL who made this years’ festival the best so far. I am Wonder Woman. (you had to be there)’
    Robert Gwyn Davin, Screenwriter
  • 1086367438‘Thank you for the INSPIRATION, thank you for the ENERGY! It was an awesome 3 days and then there was Chris McQuarrie and Carl Gottlieb, Eddie Hamilton and JAWS! I loved the Create 50 session…totally inspired to film one of the scripts! Something I never would have dreamed of doing a week ago. I am indeed Wonder Woman!’
    Susan Larsen, Screenwriter
  • 1055164656.bin‘Three days of inspiration and education with a tribe of dreamers and believers, friends old and new. This year’s LSF has been a fantastic experience.’
    Mark Hampton, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  • 1040269666‘Thank you for an amazing, informative, and the most memorable LondonSWF yet!’
    Jean Maye, Screenwriter
  • 1142423630‘Well that week happened! Day 6 of my London Screenwriters Festival adventure and it’s been an AWESOME week. I’ve felt like royalty being part of Talent Campus and gained amazing friends along the way’
    Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriters (Talent Campus 2015)
  • rob c‘Such a brilliant weekend at London Screenwriters Festival. Such and impressive and inspiring event’
    Rob Craine, Screenwriter
  • 1138171667‘What an emotional end to a fucking rockstar weekend!’
    Lee Burgess, Screenwriter
  • 1140645504‘Thank you for making an LSF virgin feel like the ol’ kid on the block. Didn’t even get past Pilar’s mind blowing Thurs Pitch Day without having forged a big group of friends for life. I’ve run a Production Company for 6 years, done the fest circuit and it’s safe to say LSF was the most electric, stimulating and family like experience yet. LSF is doing revolutionary things. Never stop!’
    Gary Verby, Screenwriter
  • IMAG0009‘Hi Chris, Thank you for such an AWESOME festival, it was truly incredible and has really reignited that drive and desire to make it in the film industry.’
    David Jacobson, LSF Superhero Volunteer
  • 1085252791‘I pitched in the Hollywood PitchFest and three of my scripts have been requested!’
    Richard Paul Wheildon, Screenwriter
  • 1143364169‘LSF came at exactly the right time for me as I was doubting my dreams and wondering if the life of a screenwriter was for me ( the temptation of a pay check every month, a secure future, was I right to turn my back on all that?). The last few days underlined to me that the world of storytelling IS the world I want to be part of more than anything else in the world. It was so inspiring to be amongst fellow screenwriters and to listen to and chat with folks who have taken the same path AND got to the other side and become successful. I am filled with optimism and enthusiasm about screenwriting and am determined to make it happen.’
    Tarsem Singh, Screenwriter
  • 1150344543‘Thank you and your team for the most amazing 4 days at the Screenwriters’ Festival, I have come away buzzing and have already bought my ticket for next year!’
    Liz Mente-Bishop, Screenwriter
  • 1143364739‘My head is still spinning after an AMAZING weekend at the LondonSWF. Lots of inspiring talks, tips on the industry, lots of big names, lots of fun at the Awards. Experienced PitchFest, the Actors Table Read… all of it amazing. The LSF team truly know how to put on a great gig! Have already signed up for next year!’
    Sally Eastland, Screenwriter
  • 1142423630‘I want to say how fantastic your staff and volunteers are at LSF. Every single one of them are always enthusiastic, friendly, welcoming and always ready to help. They have made last week truly memorable for me.’
    Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter (Talent Campus 2015)
  • 1140731066‘Thank you for 3 amazing days that brought creatives together to keep that burning passion going. Feeling inspired :)’
    Tamima Bukhari, Screenwriter
  • 1041402802‘Thanks for a totally mind blowing LSF week, for making us Talent Campers  feel like rock stars and for making me feel like anything is possible!’
    David Hitchcox, Screenwriter (Talent Campus 2015)
  • 1128666890‘Just wanted to say A MASSIVE PERSONAL THANK YOU to you and ALL YOUR TEAM for all your endless effort, energy and generosity – my first #LSF2015 was exceptionally brilliant and I got SO MUCH from it. Thanks also for all the encouragement prior to the deadlines and closing dates etc – you really made a difference for me and I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!’
    Alan Cross, Screenwriter
  • 1055164656.bin‘What an exceptional three days of inspiration and education with a tribe of dreamers and believers.’
    Mark Hampton, Screenwriter
  • 1130004718‘I can’t thank you enough for setting up LSF. I’ve learned a so much, overcome the fear of pitching and met so many lovely people.’
    Sophia Elizabeth Tamaro, Screenwriter
  • 1146820025‘We had script requests from Hat Trick and the BBC at the PitchFest. It’s my first LSF and it has more than exceeded our expectations.’
    Gareth Taylor, Screenwriter 
  • 1150344543‘I had the most awesome time at the festival, although I think my brain has almost melted!  Thank you to you and your team for creating something so special, creative and inspiring.’
    Liz Bishop, Screenwriter
  • 1040150790‘The Talent Campus gave me extraordinary access to two directors at the top of their game. Leading European director Kristoffer Nyholm taught me the importance of decluttering a screenplay to help the director find the one unifying theme that will guide them in doing their job, while Hollywood A-lister Christopher McQuarrie gave such a detailed, considered and inspiring answer to the question I posed, he led me across the frontier from “if” to “when I make a film…”  Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined Talent Campus would be this good. I feel so privileged to be a participant in this inaugural programme. Already after only one month I perceive a marked difference in my confidence when I talk to agents and executives about my projects.’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter (Talent Campus 2015)
  • 1078092798‘Thanks so so much for an AMAZING, ASTONISHING, BRILLLIANT, INSPIRATIONAL Screenwriter’s festival and Talent Campus experience!!!!I am over the moon about it!’
    Halida Abbaro, Screenwriter (Talent Campus 2015)
  • 1094187239‘I just successfully sent out the requested scripts to the Hollywood PitchFest Execs at #LondonSWF’
    Rona Walters, Screenwriter
  • 1040642229‘A massive thank you to you and your team for putting on a stellar Screenwriters’ Festival. I really had a lot of breakthroughs both on how to take my script to the next stage and on a personal level. The volunteers were absolutely wonderful – so helpful and a joy to talk with and it made such a difference!’
    Yazmin Joy Vigus, Screenwriter
  • heywood‘Poliakoff, Pilar Alessandra, Christopher McQuarrie and an actors table read all in the same day…if that doesn’t inspire the crap out of you then nothing will.’
    Mark Heywood, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I thought the festival was fantastic, buzzing with enthusiasm and plenty to sink your teeth into’
    Tim, Screenwriter, Director
  • Ellingham‘I think Chris and the team are doing a superb job, and it’s very important you keep hammering home the message that this is not just an event: it’s a movement. Seriously – amazing, inspiring, awesome job! WELL DONE! :-)’
    Amy Ellingham, Screenwriter
  • Slocock‘A brilliant event with a friendly atmosphere that makes it a really enjoyable experience.’
    Caroline Slocock, Screenwriter
  • Barnes‘It has the energy of Cannes, but it’s much friendlier. I’ll certainly be back – already bought next year’s ticket.’
    Brian Barnes, Director
  • Howell-Jones‘From new screenwriter to grizzled veteran, the Festival offers a very well planned range of speakers, support and experts that will inform, entertain and energise you as a writer’
    Alexis Howell-Jones, Screenwriter
  • Vale‘It’s all about creating opportunities. At times there was a surge of feeling in the room when we all realised we felt the same about an issue. That’s when it feels like a Movement.’
    Louise Vale, Screenwriter
  • tyler‘The actors table read was massively beneficial. The input from the directors was particularly valuable in moving my scripts forward.’
    Caroline Tyler, Screenwriter
  • gulam‘The LSWF is a rare opportunity to connect with an energetic and inspiring group of people – speakers or attendees. It is something that will energise you and your work. I felt a big positive shift between 2014-2015 in how the festival is run, from the moment you sign up, they have your back while you push forward.’
    Mondo Ghulam, Screenwriter, Director
  • palmier‘Where else can you listen to, pitch to and ask advice from luminaries in this industry? There are no doors here. Everyone is so open and friendly’..
    Deva Palmier, Screenwriter, Director
  • clements‘It was a great opportunity to speak to people who have a wealth of experience.’
    Phil Clements, Screenwriter, Established writer, Playwright,
  • clements‘The experience of participating in the Pitchfest was massively enhanced by utilising the knowledge and understanding I’d picked up in Pilar Alessandra’s lecture two days before.’
    Phil Clements, Screenwriter, Established writer, Playwright,
  • 464300876‘Instructive, informative and huge fun. Worth every penny.’
    Lorren Boniface, Screenwriter
  • Slack‘Although I have been to a number of previous LSFs, the quality of this event still amazes me. It is well organised, highly professional and with a seeming infinity of opportunities. No wonder it is now considered the biggest and best screenwriting festival in the world. I look forward to LSF 2016.’
    Gordon Slack, Screenwriter
  • Eadon-Davies‘The LSF allows you to connect with others, to learn and to grow as a writer and as a person. It encourages you to challenge your own writing and strive to shine.’
    Ian Eadon-Davies, Screenwriter
  • Jean-Carroll‘A really amazing festival with excellent speakers and sessions.’
    Rebecca Jean-Carroll, Screenwriter
  • Boocock‘London Screenwriters Festival continues to offer an exceptional experience and support network for budding and established scribes alike.’
    Nick Boocock, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I was a complete newcomer to the event. The welcome, the friendship, the help and advice was second to none.’
    Lilian Ryan, Screenwriter
  • howells‘Once a year it’s uplifting to be with people who ‘get’ who You are – who get what You are talking about and don’t look at you like you just flew in from dreamland or just escaped an asylum!’
    Craig Howells, Screenwriter
  • aitchison‘If you are even slightly interested in screenwriting you would be MAD to miss LSF. A truly tribal event in which you realise that there are many outlets and opportunities if you are willing to work hard.’
    Rob Aitchison. Screenwriter, Producer
  • howard‘I fought pain and exhaustion to get there. That’s how great it is. You come away desperate to get writing. The atmosphere from 800 enthusiastic screenwriters concentrated into one spot is exhilarating. The team are amazing. I don’t know how they kept going for so many hours but they kept us all going too’.
    Rachael Howard, Screenwriter
  • donello‘Everything I saw was fantastic, from Pilar and Lucy’s invaluable practical advice to the hilarious Carl Gottlieb and the Screenwriter’s Awards. All killer no filler…’
    Mellissa Donello, Screenwriter
  • donello‘You guys are fucking rockstars. You gave us cupcakes!’
    Mellissa Donello, Screenwriter
  • cloake‘Great experience. Great quality speakers. Great enthusiasm. Great pre-support. Staff were a delight.’
    Jacqueline Cloake, Screenwriter
  • johnson‘I am still coming back down to planet earth after my intense LSF experience. Please can we do it all again next weekend?’
    Louise Johnson, Screenwriter
  • upton‘On the first day, I arrived a ‘sidekick’. On the last day, I left a SUPERHERO’
    Jason Upton, Screenwriter
  • 1040150790‘I leave the festival after a brilliant weekend of inspiration, relationship-building and outright fun thinking the London Screenwriters’ Festival team will never be able to top it the following year, but they always do. Trust me – I’ve been a delegate for four years in a row and plan to be there next year too.’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • chilton‘LSF is like Christmas for screenwriters and I’m homesick already!’
    Dee Chilton, Screenwriter
  • amado‘As a 1st-time attendee it was totally worth it to fly from abroad, and totally worth it to repeat next year! LSF feels like HOME’.
    Nicolás Amado, Screenwriter ,
  • pruyne‘This was my first time at LSF and it hugely exceeded my expectations.’
    Ellen Pruyne, Screenwriter
  • 1086367438‘This is my second time at LSF and I enjoyed it even more than my first. Looking forward to next year!’
    Susan Larsen, Screenwriter
  • Anthony‘I listened to a very honest talk from the writer of Paddington. All the successful writers here have been very honest and open about their experiences, processes, and opinions…it’s super lovely and I’m learning loads from these guys.’
    Sian Anthony, Screenwriter
  • 10401507902‘I had two script requests from producers on the day, another from an agent and a second agent emailed me afterwards to request a script.’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • caine‘I got 2 script requests from the PitchFest.’
    Jeremy Caine, Screenwriter
  • palmier‘Thanks to PitchFest, a development exec at SKY is reading one of my scripts and tomorrow I have a meeting with a top UK Producer. Also I pitched to a top agent after a talk at LSF and she is now also reading one of my scripts. Will I be returning next year? Oh yeh!’
    Deva Palmier, Screenwriter
  • Schena‘Got five requests across two sessions (plus a few people asking for my business card).’
    Jacopo Schena, Screenwriter
  • amani‘I had interest at the PitchFest from Sam Cheetham at Script Boutique for my family feature. Since Sam didn’t have any cards with him I had to try to find his contact details on line. I ended up sending an email to the general info address and Sam got back to me within a couple of days. We emailed back and forth a few times (him with questions, me answering them) which resulted in him asking for the script. I sent it to him this morning.’
    Amy Amani, Screenwriter
  • pickering‘Pitchfest isn’t a quick fix to success, it’s the start of a conversation. I’ve already had emails from execs who have passed on the initial idea I pitched but have asked to hear about my other projects. These are new working relationships that I will continue to nurture. I’ve recently been invited to meetings with execs and production companies that pitched to at the festival two or three years ago. Screenwriting is a slow burner. Keep at it!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, Screenwriter
  • Handley‘Thanks to LSF I now have at least 4 Prod Co’s open to reading work from me!’
    Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter
  • burgess‘I had a script request there and then from John Bartlett. I  also have a possible book adaptation as a result of my script lab.’
    Lee Burgess, Screenwriter
  • Arthur‘I have two treatment requests and sending this week.’
    Alexander Arthur, Screenwriter

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