Feedback from the 7th London Screenwriters Festival #LondonSWF16

Each year we ask our delegates what their experience was like, and here’s what they shared this year.

  • 1088711478‘The LSF doesn’t change your life – it gives you the belief that you can change it yourself’
    Craig Malpass, Screenwriter
  • 1151117971‘I’ve really learnt what I can do to move my career on from this point forward’
    Tom Couldrey, Screenwriter
  • 1039128202‘LSF gave me the confidence to believe that I can be me’
    Les Grice, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I love that LSF is inter-generational – it is equally for young kids from film school and for more mature writers’
    Suzanne Firth, Screenwriter
  • 1229453908‘A wonderfully executed experience’
    Clive Howard, Screenwriter
  • 1085252791‘LSF makes you step out of your comfort zone and experience the fear that will make you free’
    Richard Paul Wheildon, Screenwriter
  • 1086099125‘I doubt so much information has ever been shared, so generously, with so many people in such short time’
    Emma King-Farlow, Screenwriter
  • 1054589516‘The Festival is like nuclear fusion for creativity. I love it’
    Paul Draper, Screenwriter
  • 1015054749‘LSF is the best BANG for your buck there is’
    Ian Martin, Screenwriter
  • 1234842799‘If I could have been anywhere on this planet this weekend, I would have been here at the LSF
    Paul Harker, Screenwriter
  • image‘Fantastic, uplifting, inspirational! I’m one of the scribe tribe now’
    Maurice Dunstan, Screenwriter
  • 1220658005‘Jim Uhls said to us: “Go into your room and type, even when you don’t want to, even when you’d rather jump off a bridge. Then you can be a professional.” Are you ready to go home and type?’
    Gary Huddless, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I felt I belonged somewhere. Thank you for that!’
    Kerry Reynolds, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The opening of the Festival made me cry! I feel so inspired, so elated, that I will never ever again think that I’m not capable of doing something I’m dreaming about’
    Maryna Gaidar, Screenwriter
  • 1228473951‘The Festival has been the most inspiring and rejuvenating experience of my writing life’
    Ilesh Topiwala, Screenwriter
  • 1155420263‘If you are not inspired by this event, you are not a writer’
    Jamie William Hughes, Screenwriter
  • 1219551878‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival is a must-go-to event for any screenwriter looking to either learn or progress in their career. Five Stars!’
    Adrienne Aiken, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘Any doubts I had about heading into screenwriting have been transformed into concrete inspiration and pathways forward’
    Olivia Piekarski, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘A great way to meet writers willing to collaborate with and support you in your cinematic ambitions’
    Nick Kipley, Screenwriter
  • 1134163498‘Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees –LSF can help you chop it all up into manageable logs for the creative fire’
    Craig Howells, Screenwriter
  • 1041770592‘The community feeling the LSF Team creates is fantastic, and the learning and development opportunities, and industry access are second to nothing’
    Lynn Robertson Hay, Screenwriter
  • 1234807943‘The LSF has opened my eyes to new ways I can make my writing sparkle & has provided me with amazing opportunities’
    Jacob Mulgrew, Screenwriter
  • 1148184539‘I came to the LSF in 2015. While I was there I got a call to script edit a BBC 90’ Special. I know that show will be better because of what I learned at LSF’
    George Poles, Screenwriter
  • 1052885604‘I got requests for script reads, synopses, and my short when post-production is finished. Good to know people want to see your work. I also got better at pitching’
    Bruno Catarino, Screenwriter
  • 1231117356‘I realized how much I had been holding myself back with fear and how I had accepted ‘NO’ for an answer too easily’
    Cate Wood Hunter, Screenwriter
  • 1227945179‘It felt like a roller-coaster of emotions – at times overwhelmed by the brilliance of speakers and delegates – by the end, inspired (particularly by Simon) and energized to go forward’
    Miranda Simmons, Screenwriter
  • 1232653684‘Writers are already sending me their scripts and I have lots of new friends’
    Kelly Holmes, Screenwriter
  • 10523319_10205796530769404_3112416416498050367_n‘Very happy to revisit the abundance of inspiration that is LSF’
    Nick von Schlippe, Screenwriter
  • 1109747813‘If you stand against a wave, it will knock you over. Dive in and you go right through’
    Joe Pavlo, Screenwriter
  • 1229242584‘I’m beyond impatient to get back home and start writing. My stories sound so much better in my head now that I can’t wait to put them on paper’
    Mariana Belo, Screenwriter
  • 1228307356‘LSF is amazing! So much better than LSD!’
    Juan Venegas, Screenwriter
  • 1039193855‘I forgot how much fun writing could be. This rejuvenated my passion for storytelling’
    Paul Sheeky, Screenwriter
  • 1231918789‘Great festival, don’t hesitate, book early and be confident even if you are just starting out!’
    Bengono Bessala, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The access to facilitators and new contacts have been invaluable’
    Michelle Blake, Screenwriter
  • 1227866177‘I came here looking for new directions for my career. I found them!’
    Annemarie van Basten, Screenwriter
  • 1145526309‘It’s everything you’d hope for and nothing you’d expect!’
    Hunter Gibson, Screenwriter
  • 1145470831‘So difficult to decide which session to go to!’
    Louise Vale, Screenwriter
  • 1146635891‘You must do LSF once, in order to decide if screenwriting is for you!’
    Amanda Harper, Screenwriter
  • 1220184932‘The event left me inspired to be creative once more, something often forgotten under the pressure of meeting television deadlines, appealing to target audiences, complying with budget constraints, channel briefs, health and safety concerns and the like. Thank you, LSF, for helping me get back my writing mojo!’
    Shirley Johnston, Screenwriter
  • 1137138135‘Each and every one of the festivals has been a different experience for me as things have developed, and the great thing is there is so much going on, so many speakers, so many great seminars that it’s impossible not to find inspiration!’
    Ava Regal, Screenwriter
  • 1086367438‘LSF is a great community of writers and film lovers coming together to network, share experiences and inspire one another. I always come away with so many ideas. LSF opens your mind and gets the creative juices flowing. The combined energy of all the creative, talented people is amazing’
    Susan Larsen, Screenwriter
  • 1074912861‘I would recommend the LSF for anybody serious about breaking into writing. It will give you professional training, useful advice, stories from real film-makers, inspiration, and the ability to meet like-minded writers’
    Myrna Jelman, Screenwriter
  • 1077820442‘The festival offers so many exciting, unique and valuable opportunities to meet with the best in the industry. The script chats after the sessions are intimate and only add to that ‘masterclass’ experience of learning. Thank you so much!’
    Kim Wheeler, Screenwriter
  • 1231209760‘LSF is a chance to talk about what you love with people who love it too.  The sessions are so informative and helpful, it all combines to give you renewed energy in your writing’
    Sarah Frankland, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I always feel hugely motivated after LSF and meeting so many great people – it pushes me to keep on working and develop my ideas’
    CJ Hodgman, Screenwriter
  • 1168009204‘It’s so rare to have so many writers – some of the most intelligent, imaginative souls there are – in one place at the same time: the place had a buzz unlike any other as a result’
    J Beltrame, Screenwriter
  • 27469270.bin‘3 days with 1000 life enhancers; what an exhilarating experience! Having been to previous LSFs, the 2016 standard was as high as ever and the quality and range of opportunities almost overwhelming. I will definitely be attending next year’
    Gordon Slack, Screenwriter
  • 1234828853‘A great sociable experience with a variety of talks all beneficial for any writers’
    AR Hillman, Screenwriter
  • IMG_20150902_160352‘The sessions were great and super-informative. I’d read before on the website about how people made real breakthroughs with their work and just how passionate they were about the festival, and to be honest I thought it sounded pretty cheesy and over the top. But it’s all true! I made those breakthroughs and feel so confident about my writing right now it’s incredible!’
    Owen Jenkins, Screenwriter
  • 1039193855‘The shot in the arm you need to get you writing. I’ve done more in the past week after LSF than in the previous few months. And the people are AWESOME!’
    Paul Sheeky, Screenwriter
  • 1210409356‘Really good place to be if you’re a writer looking for some like-minded people and a positive energy. If you decide to go, get stuck in and apply for what’s on offer; script labs, pitching, speed networking, actors table read… These sessions are priceless’
    Leigh Joslin, Screenwriter
  • 1084308780‘LSF is a haven for meeting other writers and getting useful insight from established peers. The talks are both entertaining and inspiring. It never fails to make you see your writing from a different perspective and then you’re buzzing with ideas. Not only have I just finished writing the TV pilot I’ve been working on, but I’ve set up two collaborative projects. One is to write a new TV pilot with my mentor and the other is to produce a short film with a delegate I’ve known since my first time at LSF back in 2012. #feelingawesome’
    Annas Eskander, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The script chats offer a close encounter with the most talented people in the screenwriting industry’
    Jane Helliwell, Screenwriter
  • 1234814025‘As a newbie to script-writing I found this event exciting and full of great advice. I particularly valued the Euroscript surgery’
    Patricia McBride, Screenwriter
  • 1040570750‘The LSF is this perfect mix of energizing enthusiasm and friendly environment that writers long for to break them out of the isolation that naturally comes with the pursuit of writing. Three days a year simply isn’t enough’
    David Marantz, Screenwriter
  • 1231456491‘The only place where you can be yourself. Go out there and network, meet people, chat, have fun. It’s value will translate in the next year to come’
    Melanie Mahdessian, Screenwriter
  • 900411781‘LSF is still one of the best opportunities you’ll ever get to meet one your screenwriting Gods!’
    Stephen T Ridley, Screenwriter
  • 1210123578‘If you want to meet other writers, this is the place to go. I’ve never been to a place that was so welcoming’
    Laurence Tratalos, Screenwriter
  • 1011343288‘This festival is what I look forward to every year since I first attended, Chris says it best, this is fucking awesome! It provides an inspiring environment with zero pretensions where peers in the film/writing world spend a weekend together… I know several delegates I have become friends with over the years share this sentiment: the classes are wonderful, but equally wonderful is getting back together with these friends and sharing this time together. The relationships have provided invaluable writing partnerships. And once again I left sated with inspiration and learning’
    John Lawrence, Screenwriter
  • 1229453908‘There is a lot to be said that is practical – great sessions, great speakers, great networking – but in short it was simply an incredible and inspirational experience to be part of’
    Clive Howard, Screenwriter
  • 1233258901‘This was my fourth festival and, partly due to getting loads of extra focus through the Talent Campus, my attitude has shifted. It’s no longer just about “wanting to write” and “hoping to make it”; I now have much clearer focus and plans for my writing career. The LSF is and will remain my writing home and family’
    Vera Mark, Screenwriter
  • 1226841016‘It was my first time this year and I will definitely be returning next year. I was lucky enough to get on one of the Labs and it was so insightful and helpful towards improving my existing project. It’s so good to meet your peers too’
    Amy Culwick, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘For three days, I can be among like-minded people who speak the same lingo as me and share my passion for the nuances and intricacies of storytelling. It’s a great feeling’
    Caroline Slalock, Screenwriter
  • 1172436657‘Where to start? It was wall-to-wall awesome. I know attending the festival can seem expensive, but if you were to add up how much it would cost to hear the speakers individually, you’d have to sell a kidney. At least. Being able to meet other writers is invaluable – you can gleam great advice – and even possible future collaborations – even when you’re waiting in the queue for coffee’
    Lynda Kennedy, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘As a new screenwriter, with only a partially developed screenplay, I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth my while coming. I was soooo wrong. My main reason for attending was for the Pitchfest, but the first day of sessions was worth the ticket price alone (and I had mmmm’d and aaah’d about whether to pay that much). The Pitch-fest was a fantastic experience and I got some invaluable feedback on my screenplay concept. I was nervous about attending, and felt like a real novice, but it was great to meet other writers and discuss our projects, and I picked up some great tips from the sessions. I’m so glad I decided to come along, it was more than worth the entry fee, I had a brilliant time and will definitely come back next year. I would recommend this festival without question to any emerging screenwriters. Great job Chris and the team – you should be very proud of what you’ve done’
    Richard Brown, Screenwriter
  • 1221999170‘The main expert sessions were all really great. The extra activities like the one on one sessions, especially Euroscript surgery and the Actors’ Table Read, really provided me with a massive learning curve and provided me with knowledge I didn’t previously have. Also the 3D VR movie room was an interesting peep into what might be coming in the future. Very helpful to see this in action’
    Alan Cross, Screenwriter
  • 1213066620‘The back catalogue of videos alone is worth the ticket money. The kick up the arse in terms of inspiration and the new network I am a part of is invaluable. The additional sessions such as the table read were priceless. Just stop reading and invest in your skill-set right now’
    David Sobell, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘The festival gives me more positive energy than I’ve ever expected!’
    Delphine Montariol, Screenwriter
  • 1230269686Pitching at the LSF was an incredible experience and has taken me to the next level in my career as a writer. I’ve learned so much and met so many talented people. A truly awesome event’
    Michelle Alexandra Hood, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘Great service: a phone call to check if I had questions, a text message to remind me of pitching (not that I would have forgotten, finding that extremely nerve wrecking). The sessions focus on the craft of writing, very practical and detailed, loved that. I’ve been the the Austin film festival a few times, great sessions there, but they don’t dive into the craft so much. Fun idea to have real elevator pitches in an elevator! I hear great things about the table reads with actors, next time I’ll try to get one’
    Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter
  • 798296295.bin‘It you want to take yourself seriously as a writer, the London Screenwriters’ Festival is the place to be. You can be a beginner, still waiting for your break, on your way there with competition wins or already there, there will be something for you. It is a great place to re-charge your creative batteries. I don’t bother with new year resolutions anymore, I go to the London Screenwriters’ Festival and feel empowered’
    Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter
  • image‘Conferences can sometimes be a bit of a chore; in contrast, LSF 2016 (my first) was really good fun! Networking was an enjoyable experience, as was the learning. I came away with a smile and a sense of belonging’
    Martina Ing, Screenwriter
  • 1083039391‘Be prepared to meet a whole lot of people and have your writing mojo powered up. Great bunch of people, speakers and staff, all willing to chat and be helpful. It’s a really friendly learning environment, with little pretense and lots of frank and open feedback’
    Grant Atkins, Screenwriter
  • 1044161493‘Another amazing experience. My third LSF in a row, and it never disappoints’
    John D Povey, Screenwriter 
  • 1164063661‘I met some amazing people and made some amazing friends, people who truly inspired me, and the staff were fantastic, so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait for next year’
    Jacqueline Kelly, Screenwriter 
  • 1228749351‘It was a revelation for me to share the same space with hundreds of other people who similarly ruin their friends’ experience of movie watching with in depth analysis, need for story-world internal cohesion and love of believable character motivation’
    Kerry Reynolds, Screenwriter
  • 1230034988‘Being a writer can be very isolating at times, many of us are introverts and not many people share our passion, so it was a wonderful experience to meet so many talented and interesting people. I was really impressed by the range of speakers and the variety of topics they covered. Script to Screen Live sessions revealed interesting behind the scene stories each writer had, Speed Networking was a great fun way to meet people, Laurence Gouldbourne of Euroscript gave valuable feedback on my next project. My few regrets are that I would have loved to do speed networking multiple times, I didn’t get to meet all of the talented delegates and that sometimes there were three or four great sessions on, but I could only attend one’
    Paul Mahoney, Screenwriter
  • 1231438525‘How can I describe it except by saying the most awesome experience I’ve had in my life? This is where you meet people who get the real you so don’t waste a single minute and don’t stop believing that you will be the person you are meant to be!’
    Bryony Quigly, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I came along thinking I was a new writer and no one would be interested in my projects. It was such a boost that other delegates felt inspired by me, as I did them’
    Laura Ellwood, Screenwriter
  • 849038586‘You never know quite what you’re going to get at any of the talks, but you can almost be sure that it will more than meet expectations, and the post talk round table meetings give great opportunity to discuss individual ideas’
    Roger Mullins, Screenwriter
  • 1234967076‘The great thing about LSF is that you can tailor it to your needs. As a newbie I was able to just observe, enjoy and learn, whereas more experienced LSFers focused more on pitching and specific projects. The personalized phone-call before the event helped me get more of an idea of how to approach the festival and stopped it from being overwhelming’
    Sian Rowland, Screenwriter
  • 1052715989‘LSF has been, once again, an incredible experience. I have learnt so much which I can implement in my own writing. I came away inspired, motivated & loving life!’
    Caroline Towers, Screenwriter
  • 1210705895‘There were many reasons why I shouldn’t have gone like money, time, effort, etc. But in hindsight, there’s only one reason why I’m glad that I go: It is the single best thing that I’ve ever done for both my craft and my career’
    Josh Shevil, Screenwriter
  • 1232082257‘Absolute value for money. My advice would be to new attendees: take a look at the schedule and all the speakers in advance and do a bit of research. Plan what you’re going to attend in advance and go for it’
    Sarah Turner, Screenwriter
  • 1227149815‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival is a true force of nurture. It gets you pepped up for your writing year ahead and enables you to meet tons of fellow creatives to share your journey with’
    Brian Barnes, Screenwriter
  • 1231412191‘As always, the London Screenwriters’ Festival is full of passionate and talented storytellers; delegates and speakers alike. The opportunity to learn and connect is a huge draw, and this kind of collaboration is vital to the work’
    Deanna Turnbull, Screenwriter
  • 1146779256‘LSF is a place to rub shoulders with the glitterati of screenwriting, who inspire us to persevere on our writing journeys despite the daunting odds against getting optioned or produced. LSF is a place where speakers assure us that “yes, there is indeed a demand for brilliant writers” and place the bar within our eager reach. LSF is also a place to consort with fellow members of the tribe, who share their tales of achievement and disaster, both fictional and real. LSF is a place to watch films and say “I want to move people like that” and then go off and actually do it. LSF is a magical place’
    Ellen Pruyne, Screenwriter
  • 1220685994‘It was my first LondonSWF but it won’t be my last. Friendly, informative and fun. I learned much more than I thought I would and I’m getting stuck in to re-drafting my screenplay. See you next year!’
    Louise Walters, Screenwriter
  • 1230956683‘Speed Networking was a new thing and I hope you will do it again next year. It was very useful and I know some people who had contacts with producers from Networking as well as at the Pitching session’
    Anna Kumacheva, Screenwriter
  • 1223949197‘As someone who was there on my own, I expected to spend a lot of time talking to no one. But people were really friendly and I made some great connections’
    Nick Kirby, Screenwriter
  • 1216924886‘I found it such a huge encouragement to meet so many of my fellow writers, and a joy to meet people from all over the world who were sharing their incredible stories. When this is added to the amazing speakers and opportunities to pitch or collaborate with others, the London Screenwriters’ Festival becomes simply unmissable. I’m so glad I came’
    Sarah Giles, Screenwriter
  • 1220448904‘It is a great and unique chance to meet experts and peers and be part of the tribe’
    Rainer Butt, Screenwriter
  • 1229687303‘A great experience, didn’t know what to expect as a first timer but found the three days fascinating and inspiring. Throw yourself into it!’
    John Liddle, Screenwriter
  • 1039765680‘Every year that I attend LSF, I usually take something away that I know will help me with my writing. But this year, the glass ceiling has been shattered as one speaker after another offered new insights into the craft of writing. I left LSF with a sense that of turning a corner in my writing and I’m guessing many others might also say the same!’
    Bob Eckhard, Screenwriter
  • 1220373527‘The only problem with LSF is how to fit everything in! There are so many great sessions on at anyone time that it’s sometimes a coin-toss to choose which ones to attend. I love the atmosphere of camaraderie which fills every venue and the generosity of the speakers who give their best to ensure that everyone attending their sessions takes away something of value’
    Janet van Eeden, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘I was amazed by the loveliness of the team Chris Jones put together. Really second to none. And I spend my time working with royalty, the old fashioned kind and Hollywood royalty, British aristocrats and overseas billionaires so from me this praise is hard won and means a lot. The attention to detail and personal touch from all members of the team was outstanding’
    Karelia Scott-Daniels, Screenwriter
  • 1231241241‘Great atmosphere and I came away feeling inspired and enthusiastic which is what the hype promised. The event lived up to it. Speakers I saw were fantastic and informative. I learnt loads and made a lot of notes as well meeting a lot of people and expanding my industry network’
    Craig Rogers, Screenwriter
  • 1039128202‘It’s never easy to keep coming up with the money to keep coming to London Screenwriters, but having now been to my fourth, I can say it really does get better. You improve as a writer, your confidence grows, you relax more and take it all in your stride and it is wonderful to meet old friends and randomly make friends with new ones. You get the chance to talk with your tribe, and even chat with those who have established careers in the business and those who know them. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and the sum of the parts are greater than the whole and you can pass on your experience to those coming through’
    Les Grice, Screenwriter
  • 1085109583.bin‘I very nearly didn’t come for personal reasons, but I’m so glad that I did. LSF is the perfect combination of boot up the arse and friendly hug. Thank you guys so much, I’ve definitely felt something switch in me this year’
    Rachel James, Screenwriter
  • 1085215724.bin‘The festival has literally transformed my career and given me opportunities I could not have found anywhere else. It’s a yearly kick in the creative arse’
    Michael Montgomery, Screenwriter
  • 1040150790‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival is the essential event for screenwriters at any stage of their career. It gets better every year. That’s why I keep coming back. I can’t wait to see what you do next!’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • 1228417759‘An amazing, energizing experience, with opportunities to learn, network, and listen to the thoughts of some legendary writers’
    Alison Clapham, Screenwriter
  • 832071834‘This was my first LSF, and it was so jam-packed with informative and inspirational events that I couldn’t sleep after it was all over!’
    JK Murphy, Screenwriter
  • 1222129281‘This was my first festival and it’s had a huge impact on both my confidence in what I’m doing, and my ambition for what I can achieve in the future. I met a huge number of people who were not only great writers, but great company and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them’
    Billy Steel, Screenwriter
  • 1138888834‘Fantastic and immersive, no holds barred screenwriting experience. Helped my writing come on in leaps and bounds’
    Danielle Wager, Screenwriter 
  • 1119456180‘If you want a kick in the butt to get a career or just a hobby started, this is the place to go’
    Baz Kaplan, Screenwriter
  • 1175036009‘This was my third time to LSF and was selected to be part of Talent Campus – it is truly a kick-ass collaborative 12 week program in helping you hone your project to the next level in time for the festival. I had an even extraordinary experience with access to two of the best at the top of their game, Iain Smith and William Nicholson. My personal highlight was meeting Mr Charles Dance (had a picture taken, very nice!) I feel privileged to have been a Camper and the group experience has been a family of support. My pitching skills have improved and had four requests. Amazing! It should be held twice a year…Chris?!’
    Tasbir Malle, Screenwriter
  • 1234788538‘This was my first LSF so I arrived not knowing and slightly fearing the unexpected. But from the welcome at the door, to meeting my peers, talking with the experts and networking it was a brilliant three days. Can’t wait for next year’
    Barry Lewis, Screenwriter
  • 1230346706‘Come out of your safety zone and inspire each other’
    Lynne Jones, Screenwriter
  • 1234759739‘LSF 2016 was a real shot in the arm. I learned as much in one weekend as I would ordinarily learn in a six-month course. It was great to be among so many creatives who were willing to listen and talk about their work; really inspiring’
    Angela Jameson, Screenwriter
  • 1234777991‘If you are serious about being a screenwriter, you have to attend the LSF’
    Maurice C Kenney, Screenwriter
  • 1225793554‘I always find LSF to be a great shot in the arm. Even if the content of the sessions is something I already know, it’s always inspiring to hear writers talk about their craft, and it’s always galling to see how many people have more stuff fully developed than me. I always run straight back to my garrett and pull my finger out’
    Phil Lowe, Screenwriter
  • 1083311746‘I love the London Screenwriters’ Festival. I’ve been attending for the last three years. Every year I pitch my projects to top industry exec producers, which sets me up for the year ahead and helps me move my projects on. This year my feature film FINDING CLIVE was selected for an Actors Table Read. I’m shooting FINDING CLIVE this winter and it was incredibly helpful to hear these characters come to life. Also I heard a few places where the dialogue needs a few trims’
    Deva Palmier, Screenwriter
  • 727930925‘I’ve been attending LSF for five years – I think that says it all!’
    Cera Rose Pickering, Screenwriter 

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