Feedback from the 8th London Screenwriters Festival #LondonSWF17

Each year we ask our delegates what their experience was like, and here’s what they shared this year.

  • An incredibly motivating event – you come here knowing you want to be a writer but leave as a writer
    Jo Fox, Screenwriter 
  • I have worked at the BBC for 12 years and I have never had the opportunity to meet the experts that I have over this weekend. Totally stoked for the future!
    Michelle Brooks, Producer & Director
  • BBC and Bankside emailed me straight back after my pitch
    Deva Palmier, Film Maker
  •  This is the best money you’ll spend as a writer
    Wisse Stolk, Writer & Director
  • The festival awoke a passion and creativity in me that had begun to fade in the struggle of this industry. I am forever changed as a writer, and as a person.
    Jennifer Egbon, Writer – 10 Stars (5 is not enough)
  • If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Sign up! You will be inspired, build your network, and make friends
    Clare Walter, Writer & Director
  • A must attend event for any screenwriter’
    Simon Foster, Filmmaker
  • It has given me more confidence to pursue my filmmaking dreams than anything else ever did
    Monika Sulik, Director & Writer
  • Great value for money
    Patricia Jenkins, Writer
  • Hold onto your hat and other bits! You will be blown away by the London Screenwriters’ Festival!
    Fazila Kohl, Film Maker
  • My brain is full, my mind is blown, can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned into practice’
    Kevin Hayward, Director – 11 Stars out of five
  • The festival has reminded me why I HAVE to continue on this path
    Marc Blaidd, Writer & Actor
  • Stellar speakers, super sessions, proper pitching – A great all-round festival for aspiring screenwriters
    Greg Brina, Writer
  • A yearly reminder of who I am and why I do what I do
    Weiwei Lu, Writer & Director
  • If you’re serious about getting your writing produced, you should come to the LSF
    Simon Branco, Writer
  • This event is worth it. Pound for pound, every minute packs a punch with value. Invest in yourself and your career’
    Jeremy Caine, Screenwriter – 6 Stars out of five
  • I have found my tribe!
    Daniel Flint, Screenwriter
  • Anyone who loves writing, MUST attend this festival
    Nick Zabierek, Writer
  • This is my fourth time at the LSF and it is as fresh and exciting as the first time. Always something new to see, learn and enjoy. Bring on next year!
    Edwina Tyrrell, Writer
  • One of the best weeks of my life
    Monique Amado, Writer
  • The absolute epicenter for Screenwriters
    Maurice Dunstan, Screenwriter
  • ‘This is the 7th year I’ve been to LSF and it keeps getting better! If you haven’t been before you need to get out of your comfort zone and come along to the 2018 festival.  Try out for the Actors Table Read, get an adrenalin rush from the Pitch Fest, get some professional advice from The Script Surgery.  It’s all included in the price of the ticket.  What’s stopping you?’
    Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter
  • ‘This festival gives you the kickstart to refocus, re-energise and be determined to create newer, bigger, better ideas for the following year’
    Claire Chandler, Screenwriter
  • ‘I learned more in four days, direct from industry experts, than I would in twelve months of reading books and doing courses. It’s absolutely essential’
    Nick, Screenwriter
  • ‘LSF covers more in three days than most screenwriting courses cover in several months – brilliant!’
    Eva Adams, Screenwriter
  • ‘The perfect place for creative shots in the arm, kicks up the backside and clouts around the head. If only we could bottle the whole festival to drink from when we get thirsty throughout the year… can’t wait for LSF next year’
    Stephanie Wessell, Screenwriter
  • ‘The atmosphere was contagious. I’m really glad I attended and will definitely do so again’
    Doreen, Screenwriter
  • ‘The London Screenwriter’s Fest is now an essential date in my diary. This wonderful festival is packed with opportunities and now acts as a point of inspiration for the whole year. I will definitely be signing up for next year’
    Deva Palmier, Director
  • ‘The scope of the sessions was really varied this year, and there was always more than one thing I wanted to see! It’s great that so many sessions are filmed, so that I can schedule another mini-festival at some point in the future!’
    Alex Davies, Screenwriter
  • ‘Yet again LSF surpassed my hopes, with everything from finger-on-the-pulse sessions like writing for the Chinese market to solid craft sessions with renowned screenwriting gurus and fun sessions learning from star screenwriters from both sides of the Atlantic. It was as if the festival had been designed especially for me!’
    KT Parker, Screenwriter
  • ‘There isn’t any other event in Europe that a Screenwriter can attend and receive so much support from their peers, opportunity to network with filmmakers and forge friendships with people who want you to succeed.’
    Panayiota Panteli, Director
  • ‘The Pitchfest resulted in 9 requests for our script which is really exciting’
    Jo Fox, Screenwriter
  • ‘I am so happy to have discovered a world of like-minded, KIND people. This industry often has a bad rep – writers and everyone involved were genuinely brilliant people. It felt welcoming and was super useful’
    Vero, Screenwriter
  • ‘As writers we yearn for adventure but so often refuse the call through fear of failure… The LSF will lift you up onto your steed and provide your with your writer’s armour. So pick up your pen, hold it aloft and meet the adventure head on’
    Richard Paul Wheildon, Writer and Director
  • ‘Total immersion; plucking writing tips from the mouths of legendary Screenwriters and gurus; pitching my scripts; and meeting fellow writers and creatives. I emerge with new friends, contacts, ideas and inspiration that ensure my writing is elevated to another level and my own screenwriting journey takes another huge step forward’
    Fiona Hunnisett, Screenwriter
  • ‘A wonderful, warm gathering of the screenwriting tribe, full of insight, energy and inspiration’
    Andrew Pennington, Screenwriter
  • ‘LSF offers an astounding range of ways in which to hone your craft and attain and maintain a career, as well as a community that will help get you there’
    Alexis Howell-Jones, Screenwriter
  • ‘The most awesometastic place on the planet to meet like-minded creative mental people who, just like you, have to bottle up all that creative energy in the normal world. Here you get to meet experts from all aspects of the industry who are actually approachable, you can talk to them, ask questions and gain invaluable insights. Most importantly, you get support from your peers. You get to network, share stories, swap contact details, get hugs, smiles, high-fives.’
    Mark Renshaw, Writer, Producer and Author
  • ‘Every year I go to LSWF and it gets better and better and I come back to my writing desk excited and inspired by the learnings’
    Nick von Schlippe, Writer, Director and Actor
  • ‘There are so many sessions and activities on offer, LSF is a bit like a ‘choose your own adventure’ story. To make the most of it, I recommend trying a bit of everything, even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally do!’
    Diana Purves, Screenwriter
  • ‘A rare and wonderful opportunity for people who love stories to get together and share ways of learning and ways of telling stories. The organisers and volunteers are so enthusiastic and generous with their positivity that you can almost see people’s inhibitions and fears evaporating over the course of the weekend.’
    Angela Jameson, Screenwriter and Author
  • ‘My favourite was the Moffat/Gatiss/Vertue SHERLOCK session because they hung out with us in the bar afterwards! Legends.’
    Lisa McMullin, Playwright
  • ‘I have connected with the family I have been looking for. Learnt so much all I can is watch out producers my work is coming your way very soon!‘
    Mandi, Screenwriter
  • ‘When I walk through the doors of Regents’ University, I’m coming home to my tribe, to the writing family I chose. But this year has been transformational in ways I haven’t even begun to process – I feel as if I’ve started a journey I may never finish and that I never want to end’
    Liz Holliday, Screenwriter and Author
  • ‘I keep coming back because this event is so unique in the way it brings together the greats and the beginners and opens doors to anyone who is ready and willing to grab opportunities with both hands’
    Vera Mark, Screenwriter
  • ‘This was the most awesome week of my life! The online forum made me feel I was already part of a whole other family before I even arrived and then actually being there exceeded all expectations. Brilliant sessions with brilliant people (speakers and delegates) who understood where you were coming from’
    Jaye Nolan, Screenwriter
  • ‘This was my first LSF and for me it was completely worthwhile. I had what felt like a crash course in screenwriting, as well as meeting many fantastic people and I feel like a different person.  I got so much out of it. I’m still buzzing. I’ve already signed up for next year!’
    Liz Slade, Screenwriter
  • ‘I left feeling like a screenwriter and not just someone who dreams of one day becoming one’
    Carmen Radtke, Screenwriter

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