Feedback from the 9th London Screenwriters’ Festival in 2018

Each year we ask our delegates what their experience was like, and here’s what they shared this year.

  • ‘After LondonSWF, I’ve changed and developed as a writer and I’m ready to fully commit and do whatever it takes to continue writing stories.’
    Eva Adams (Writer and Filmmaker)
  • ‘Sensational festival and well worth the travel from Australia!’
    Trish Curtin, Screenwriter
  • ‘My confidence has been reignited thanks to this empowering festival…It makes you feel FUCKING AWESOME!’
    James Hannon (Screenwriter)
  • Thank you for an immense fucking experience at LSF this weekend, I’m still untangling what it means to me and where it will take me, but it has built me up and left me somewhere great’
    Richard Osborne, Filmmaker
  • ‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival is THE place to learn, share and network. What you give out you get back in SPADES!’
    Elinor Petty-Smith (Screenwriter and Proofreader)
  • ‘Every single person comes away from LSF buzzing – it’s just bloody phenomenal and I’ve already booked a ticket for the next one.’
    Lisa McMullin, Screenwriter
  • ‘I made so many new connections with wonderful people which I know will lead to great collaborations in the future’
    Richard Archibald (Comedy Writer)
  • ‘The Actor’s Table Read was a deeply moving experience for me. The London Screenwriters’ Festival is an unmissable opportunity to improve your work.’
    Susan Glen (Screenwriter)
  • Last year I met fellow LSF Delegate Sophia Tamaro. A year later we have shot a short film starring Rebecca Root (The Sisters Brothers) and written a feature and a short script which is a finalist in the New Orleans film festival! Thank you LSF!’
    Jo Fox (Writer and Filmmaker)
  • ‘Want to write? Do it. Want inspiration? Come to the LSF and make your dream a possibility!’
    Sharn Gill (Creator, Storyteller and Writer)
  • ‘Screenwriters need this festival for the kick ass inspiration and motivation it provides’
    Alastair Marshell (Writer and Filmmaker)
  • ‘The Script Surgery was awesome. I received invaluable feedback on making my story stand out from the crowd.’
    Sam Dods (Screenwriter)
  • A kick up the ass to be more productive, to keep writing when life gets in the way. Five stars!’
    Colm Ryan (Screenwriter)
  • ‘Networking is dramatically important for screenwriters. The LSF makes it very easy!’
    Lorenzo Colonna (Screenwriter)
  • ‘The LSF is my Christmas. Regent’s College is my second home.’
    Liz Holliday (Writer)
  • ‘A great three days! Absolutely invaluable networking and pitching opportunities!’
    Jon Ryan (Writer)
  • ‘I feel energised and encouraged about my script writing, especially because of the positive responses from my pitches at the Pitchfest’
    George M Johnson (Screenwriter)
  • ‘I’m only on my 2nd LSF and already it is the thing I look forward to every year!
    Sarah Paviour (Screenwriter)
  • ‘The London Screenwriters’ Festival is the antidote to writer’s loneliness: I met a load of awesome people I have coerced into being my writer mates!’
    Katharine Armitage (Screenwriter)
  • ‘I met industry professionals face to face at pitching and in passing and the London Screenwriters’ Festival created that opportunity – 10 Stars!’
    Mera Kalam (Screenwriter)
  • ‘After the Festival I feel like everyone and everything in the industry are right at my fingertips’
    Angelica Litsiou (Videographer and Video Editor)
  • ‘I absolutely loved everything about LondonSWF and it gave me a HUGE boost. I gained so much. Not just on craft, but discovering that networking isn’t scary, it’s rewarding!’
    Natalie Lancaster (Screenwriter)
  • ‘During the Festival I began to have faith in my ability to network and have come away with interesting contacts and greater faith in my writing and understanding of screenplays’
    James Jay (Screenwriter)
  • The Festival is a great experience for all aspiring writers!’
    Jeff Notton (Writer)
  • ‘I want to apply all the techniques I’ve learned here to the feature script I’m writing. It reminded me again of the journey I’m on.’
    Shahid Kamal (Writer and Director)
  • ‘Packed full of help. Fun and life-changing! I’ll be back there next year!’
    Ann McGauran (Writer)
  • ‘LSWF is essential for anyone hoping to ascertain if screenwriting is for them. The variety of sessions means that no matter which genre or medium you want to write in, there will be something to suit you and you’ll leave feeling much more confident and ready to tackle anything.’
    Beverly Sanford (Screenwriter)
  • ‘Both the quantity and quality of expertise available at LSF combined with the extensive networking opportunities makes attendance a must for any serious screenwriter.’
    Gordon Slack (Screenwriter)
  • ‘LSF was a great affirmation that scriptwriting is a possible reality, for everyone that attended. The sessions are well considered and varied, providing a rich source of information, direction and support. The energy and enthusiasm brought by the attendees will help carry me through to 2020!!’
    Andrew Griffin (Screenwriter)
  • ‘It’s extraordinary to meet so many people in one place who are on the same journey, and I will never get tired of hearing their stories. See you in 2020.’
    Michelle Hood (Screenwriter)
  • ‘Just try LSF if you haven’t already. It’s not just about the sessions, although they are brilliant. It’s about being with like minded people with similar goals, learning new stuff and widening your network of friends and contacts in the industry.’
    Craig Rogers (Screenwriter)
  • ‘It’s a fantastic place to meet people who share the same passion for characters and story. You find your people.’
    Alex Dawson (Screenwriter)
  • ‘LSWF catapults you in front of the people that make your stuff. Over the last 3 days I got 3 scripts requests and 1 executive invited me for a meeting. If I had emailed these people the response would have been very different. This is a vital and fantastic porthole into the business we want to work in. Nothing you buy to help you with your screenwriting will be better value than this’
    Panayiota Panteli (Screenwriter)
  • ‘LondonSWF 2018 was the best experience I ever had. It facilitated a space in which I could grow, develop new connections and get inspired to move on, keep on believing in what I aim for as a screenwriter.’
    Wojciech Filaber (Screenwriter)
  • ‘LSF gives me a chance to reconnect with peers and learn from icons. Gives me a chance to do things I’d otherwise never do. It also gives us all an opportunity to learn from each other’s unique experiences and make new connections. It fucking rocks, basically.’
    Pat Higgins (Screenwriter)
  • Whatever time of year it takes place, the LSF feels like the start of the writing year (18 months this time!). Over three days I come up with enough new ideas, and new lenses though which to re-examine my existing work, to give me a ton of work for the following year. And the urge to get started as soon as possible. It’s like a launchpad for a writer’s year.’
    Michael Montgomery (Screenwriter)
  • ‘If you want to spend 362 days a year sitting alone at a desk writing, you need to spend the other 3 at this festival.’
    Luke Graves (Screenwriter)
  • ‘As always, the only thing wrong with the LSF is that it only lasts three days.’
    David Marantz (Writer and Director)
  • ‘This is a chance to meet and mix with writers and to be proud to admit ‘I am a writer’. Some are experienced, some are just beginning but we share an enthusiasm for our craft. The very fact that you are at the London Screenwriters’ Festival means you want to learn and improve your writing skills, and there are many opportunities to do this, as well as meeting other writers and making useful contacts. I JUST LOVE IT!!!’
    Rita Wheeler (Screenwriter)
  • ‘My first LSF was a blast. It brought me out of my shell. I can now say with confidence that I am a writer!’
    Adam Harper (Screenwriter)
  • ‘I’ve been to a few but this is the most intense meeting of the teachers and the learners. The access to top-line teaching talent is unprecedented.’
    Jonah Jones (Screenwriter, Director and Playwright)
  • ‘Worth every penny! I love everything about LSF and there’s always a great atmosphere thanks to the hard work of the team.’
    Rachel James (Screenwriter)

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