Get your script performed at the London Screenwriters’ Festival

actorsWe have some exciting news about the London Screenwriters’ Festival this year. We are running a number of new initiatives and can finally announce the first…

Get Your Script Performed at the Actors Table Read.

As a delegate of the LSF, you can submit a sequence from your script (up to four pages) to the team, and if you are selected, it will be workshopped by a professional director and team of actors, alongside you!

We aim to run between 120 and 160 of theses sessions, so as many people as we can accommodate will get a chance to participate. We are not sure of the exact number yet, so please bear with us.

The sessions will be in a closed session environment with you, the director and actors, and possibly a handful of spectators.

If you would like to submit your work, you need to be signed up to the festival first – you can get your pass here…

If you have already got your pass, you will be getting an email from us very soon with instructions about how to submit your work.

This is going to be an amazing addition to an already crammed festival, and a chance to get real world, hands on experience at the very moment your script leaps from the page into the mouths, hearts and souls of actors.

There are more details on the site here…

Chris Jones

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