Meet the team

Staff and team on stage at festival closure @ London Screenwriters' Festival 2013The London Screenwriters’ Festival is run by screenwriters, producers and filmmakers just like you.

And we believe passionately that we are all in it together.

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Festival Staff

Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Creative Director

Guerilla filmmaker, educator and screenwriter Chris runs the festival

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Judy Goldberg

Judy Goldberg – Festival Manager

Screenwriter Judy makes the festival happen

Paolo Ciccarelli

Paolo Ciccarelli – Festival Production

Paolo is heading up the production team and is the LSF PitchFest Manager.

Lucia Landino

Lucia Landino – Festival Producer

Lucia heads up the office and is the first person to turn to if you need help and support.

Vanessa Bailey

Vanessa Bailey – Festival Co-ordination

Fabulous actress turned outstanding festival co-ordinator

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Lucy V Hay

Lucy V Hay – director of education

Lucy is a screenwriter, script reader and novelist

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Catherine Arton

Catherine Arton – Actors Table Read Producer

Casting Director Catherine Arton will be heading up the Actors Table Read

Phoebe Gibson

Phoebe Gibson – volunteer co-ordinator

Phoebe is a professional writer and lecturer who oversees festival staff logistics

Oliver Purches

Oliver Purches – stage manager

Oli is a writer, director and actor who oversees stage tech at the festival

Zoe Guilford

Zoe Guilford – Actors Table Read Production

Zoe is a film producer and actress with a passion for all parts of the industry, especially screenwriting.

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Lisa Shelley

Lisa Shelley – Festival Co-ordination

Lisa often sits in the corner getting up to mischief when she isn't working miracles for us

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Viv Picard

Viv Picard – Official Photographer

Showing the world just how awesome the KSF really is

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Leilani Holmes

Leilani Holmes – Official LSF Blogger and Tweeter

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Marcos Avlonitis

Marcos Avlonitis – Official Photographer

Marcos is our go to guy when it comes to getting killer shots of all our events in action.

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Gail Hackston

Gail Hackston – marketing and PR support

Gail is a screenwriter and digital marketer

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Piers Beckley

Piers Beckley – website manager

Piers is our web wizard

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Filming Crew

Carmen Zografou

Carmen Zografou – Camera Team

Filmmaker and Producer

Catarina Oliveria

Catarina Oliveria – Camera Team

LSF film crew veteran Caterina returns to bring her experience to the team.

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Maria Caruana Galizia

Maria Caruana Galizia – BTS Self Shooter

Heading up the tea, shooting the BTS for the festival.

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Ross Aitken

Ross Aitken – Camera Team

Writer, Producer and co-Director, runs Ikonic Films whose first feature film Kidnap Me is in post-production.

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Simon Cox

Simon Cox – Camera Team Co-ordinator

LSF crew veteran, Simon will be directing the filming crew with Seb.

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Sebastian Solberg

Sebastian Solberg – Camera Team Co-ordinator

You will see Seb running around the festival with at least seven cameras at any one moment!

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Support Team

Aideen McCarthy

Aideen McCarthy – Festival Support

I'm a screenwriter, director, script reader, creative and long time film lover and tv addict.

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Alix Manolas

Alix Manolas – Festival Support

I moved to London from my hometown Perth, Western Australia. I'm currently in my second year studying Film, TV and Digital Media

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Amy Kingsley-Hughes

Amy Kingsley-Hughes – Festival Support

I'm an actor, writer and blogger. Always looking for new ideas to work out, things to learn and experiences to collect.

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Andrew Isabirye

Andrew Isabirye – Festival Support

I do screenplays, poetry and business consulting. I enjoy discovering new musicians and getting stuck into a good documentary.

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Hadley Campbell

Hadley Campbell – Festival Support

Born in LS, I moved to London three years ago. I have a Foundation degree in Acting and am in the final year of my BA.

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Irene Marco

Irene Marco – Festival Support

I am mexican born, currently doing a Masters in Directing at Met Film School; I'm loving London and the festival.

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Louisa Hayford

Louisa Hayford – Festival Support

MA Screenwriting/Playwriting graduate. Loves to read, laugh and provide commentary for 90's Jean-Claude Van Damme films.

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Luke Kondor

Luke Kondor – Festival Support

I write stories and make films and stuff. Underdog style.

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Ornela Peka

Ornela Peka – Festival Support

Ornela is a student at Regent's University London studying Film and TV Production.

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Piret Saar

Piret Saar – Festival Support

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Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis – Festival Support

Self proclaimed Writer, Designer and Illustrator. Sincere, Friendly, Creative Optimist... to be continued....

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Scott Castle

Scott Castle – Festival Support

Once film maker, graduate writer and family man. I love comedy and aspire to writing comedy in many forms.

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Shukrananda 'Shuk' Natasha Gant – Festival Support

Vocal coach, Actor, writer, musician, filmmaker, and Love Monk - at your service! Free hugs upon request.

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Sophie Meszaros

Sophie Meszaros – Festival Support

I am a London based film student. I am a confident yet smiley and friendly person, I am always happy to meet new people.

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Thomas M Pritchard

Thomas M Pritchard – Festival Support

Hey Whoever you are! Im Tom, a Writer, Film Maker and Musician based in London but originally from Wales.

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Tila Datta

Tila Datta – Festival Support

Wanderluster and film school grad, looking to explore the world of production, screenwriting, and casting while living in London

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Parmjot Girn

Parmjot Girn – Festival Support

Student studying economics and producing with a thirst for knowledge! It is very possible that I may be a hobbit.

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Deanna Turnbull

Deanna Turnbull – Festival Support

Sci-Fi/Fantasy film geek, but with a keen interest in all genres. Currently developing a career as a film producer.

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James Staunton

James Staunton – Festival Support

Young writer seeking representation. Have currently written a feature comedy as well as a TV drama as part of a Second Light Men

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Laura Ion

Laura Ion – Festival Support

Regent's University Acting and Global Theatre student working in film in my spare time.

Sangeeta Parekh

Sangeeta Parekh – Festival Support

Producer. Looking for drama and dark comedy short film scripts. Come find me if you have one!

Jak Wakefield

Jak Wakefield – Festival Support

Basement dweller masquerading as a film boy. Production design, art direction and writing.

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Scott "Scottie" Baker

Scott "Scottie" Baker – Festival Support

Currently writing a short to film next year which I'm really excited about. My aim's to make sure everyone at LSF knows about it

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Zsofia Szemeredy

Zsofia Szemeredy – Festival Support

I am second year film & history student at Queen Mary University of London. I am interested in scriptwriting.

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Sidney Malik

Sidney Malik – Festival Support

Screenwriter, Actor, Historian, Sidney comes from the world of Sports Entertainment and Film.

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