LondonSWF 2020 Update PLEASE READ

First up. Are you OK?

I mean it. Because the truth is the amount of uncertainty we face can feel almost as bad as the potential threat from Covid-19. I for one have moved off Facebook and opted for phone calls and personal emails instead.

So here’s what I can tell you with certainty. LondonSWF is now putting together an unprecedented programme of online experiences for you. As an LSF delegate you will get access to all of these experiences as soon as they go online.

You can expect seminars, workshops and masterclasses, along with Script To Screens and the like. All online. Available live and with community interaction, as well as ‘catch up later’ if you can’t do it live.

We are ramping up our more intimate sessions too, and plan to offer more script labs, actors table reads, script clinics and even new stuff all online.

We will not allow Covid-19 to stop us from delivering the best screenwriting festival on planet earth.

What you can expect is lots of laughs too. Inevitably things will go wrong here and there as we innovate live. If you are old enough, you will remember ‘Tiswas’ on Saturday morning TV. Yeah, expect a bit of that.

But we aim to keep all of us focused on writing, which perhaps the world may need more than ever. Underpinning it all, we will create an online environment that will lift the spirits and continually connect us with like minded folk. We are a community. No, we are a family.

So buckle up for announcements, schedules and exciting opportunities.

Your Safety

I am personally no longer certain that the September dates for the physical event are 100% viable. As such, we may need to move dates again.

At the heart of everything I do is now a profound sense of safety. Not just for the team and speakers, but for you as a delegate. And ALL delegates. I won’t march into an event that would exclude someone with asthma, a compromised immune system or someone over seventy who does not feel safe. We do NOT exclude anyone from our events.

As we need four months of prep for the festival, I am now committing to making a judgement on June 8th in regard to these September dates, and postponing again if needed.

It seems prudent and also obvious, to say ‘we will run the festival when it is safe and not before’.

So that’s what we will do. So please don’t buy any flights or book hotels until after my announcement on June 8th about dates.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy an outstanding online experience which is now a foundational part of the London Screenwriters’ Festival experience.

I am also closing down ticket sales until I know with certainty when the festival will take place. We will also be changing the submission dates for things like the Actors Table read on the site and other data, and likely evolve a whole new site for the online experience.

Bob and I plan an online chat tomorrow (Thursday) night at 8pm to discuss what we will be doing so if you have any questions, you can ask them then. I will be sending the link to this tomorrow.

So here’s some certainty in uncertain times. Several times a week now, you will be able to connect with other screenwriters at our informative and inspirational online events. It will be awesome, with a healthy sprinkling of the unexpected.

Stay safe. Keep writing. Stay connected.

Love and (socially distanced) hugs from the whole team.

Chris Jones