Meet The Most Extraordinary Support Staff

LondonSWF 2021 (September) Update
Due to Covid uncertainty, we currently plan to run a hybrid festival in 2021, with a three-day live event onstage, with lots of additional online sessions spread over a longer period of time. Things could change rapidly so keep an eye on our updates HERE.

Volunteers help at RegistrationMost festivals have volunteers.

Some even have stewards.

We have Superheros.

Go ahead and ask them at the festival, they look like normal people like you or me, but each has a real Superhero identity – it’s secret of course, but they may share it with you.

And they bring that Superhero identity to the festival to make your experience outstanding.

Volunteers at RegistrationWhen you hang out with Superheros, a little of that Superhero will rub off onto you too. We get it, it sounds a little bit silly right? But hey, we are dreamers and storytellers, so why not create our own world where anything is possible?

Our ambition is for the LSF support team to take what they have learned, to ustilise the experience they gain in the service of others, and to make massive and extraordinary change in their lives and communities to.

So if you think you are a Superhero too, and would like to join the LSF team this September, drop us a line at and we will be in touch.