Rosa Glover – For My Pa

We were truly humbled this week to receive an email from one of our delegates. Rather than paraphrase and get it wrong, we wanted to share her email with you and hope that it will inspire you in to action as it has us.

Rosa Glover

“I attended LSF due to the fact my father recently passed away, I suddenly realised life is too short, it was the best thing I have ever done.

Could you help me with this one thing…

LSF gave me the confidence to do this, and the faith in others to know I can achieve it… it was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Could you help me? Is there anyway you could share the following with the wonderful people that were at LSF

OK, so here goes… (WHAT AM I DOING?!?) As you know, my Pa was one of my best friends, my inspiration and my muse, someone who supported my every choice in life, who laughed at my crap jokes, and treasured every picture I drew him, every poem I wrote him. He never asked anything of anyone, never asked for help or wanted to put anyone out, and never wanted more than to potter in the garden, write poetry & comedy, and laugh. And laugh a bit more.
He fought prostate cancer, and held our hands through every step, just wanting to protect the people he loved. Dad passed away on the 14th August this year, still fighting until the last second. I miss him more with every night that passes.
In his honour, I want to do something big, and for those of you that know me well… what I’m about to do is not like me at all…

Going to get a MO tattooed on my finger! (I don’t event have my ears pierced..!!!)

I’m going to try and raise 10K to help protect your Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Friend from something that, if caught early enough can be easily beaten. For my Dad this wasn’t the case.
If I can raise 10K (or, to break it down, get 1000 people to give £10, that’s doable right?!) then I will get a Mo tattooed on my finger, in memory and honour of those who fought to protect their loved ones from the pain of losing someone to cancer.

Please share this through your Facebook to all your friends, and ask them to share it with their friends if they don’t mind, so I can have a better chance of helping more people.

Thanks Dad, for supporting me in doing this… I knew it would make you laugh.

All my love, Rosa (aka Belle, if you ask my Dad)

( My Movember Mo Space (”

For those of you on LSF Connect, remember to friend Rosa online and if you can, give to her cause.