Script chat

LondonSWF 2021 (September) Update
All script chats will move online for the Autumn 2021 festival and they will take place outside of the main festival dates. You will get regular email updates about who, what, where, how and when. The advantage to delegates is that they can attend every single one live and also watch on catch up later. Plus, we expect to deliver double the usual amount of script chats.

Untitled-2It’s one thing sitting in an audience listening to that producer, agent or writer… it’s an entirely different thing getting real face to face time with them

(right Christopher McQuarrie ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ and ‘The Usual Suspects’ talks with delegates in a script chat).

That’s why we setup ‘Script Chats’, special, intimate and informal chats with speakers that take place directly after their sessions.

‘Script chat was the best thing at the festival for me. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk to the speakers in such a personal, comfortable atmosphere.’
Gemma, Writer

The Script Chats were open, informative and leisurely."

Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter

Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter