Script Doctors

euroscript-clinic-2012-31We will read your screenplay.
Do you need an expert to read your screenplay or treatment, then offer concise, practical and immediately useful feedback?

!cid_9A11069A-0BF6-4919-98AE-717F855F78A0That’s what the team of professional Euroscript readers and editors offer to delegates who attends the London Screenwriters’ Festival. Slots are booked in advance (first come, first served) and the booking system opens 17th July.

You can read more about the Script Surgery HERE.

Meet YOUR  Script Doctors

Fenella Greenfield

Fenella Greenfield – Script Doctor & Lecturer

Fenella Greenfield is a founder member of Euroscript Limited.
Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher – Writer

Paul set up Euroscript, as MEDIA programme, CEO 96-02. He now runs the MA Screenwriting, Birkbeck, London University.
Theresa Boden

Theresa Boden – Writer and Script Editor

Theresa is an accomplished screenwriter and script editor.
Charles Harris

Charles Harris – Filmmaker, Writer and Educator

Has helped countless writers for over fifteen years.

Writer-director, Charles Harris has won international awards for his films for TV and cinema.
Charles Harris
Ellin Stein

Ellin Stein – Screenwriter and story analyst

Ellin teaches screenwriting in the MA Scriptwriting program at Goldsmiths and has analyzed scripts for numerous production companies in the US and UK.
Ellin Stein
Paul Bassett Davies

Paul Bassett Davies – Writer

Credits include: Spitting Image, Alas Smith And Jones, Rory Bremner, Magic Roundabout

Paul has written for and directed the biggest names in comedy. He's also creative director of The London Comedy Writers' Festival
Paul Bassett Davies

A great experience, didn't know what to expect as a first timer but found the three days fascinating and inspiring. Throw yourself into it!

John Liddle, Screenwriter

John Liddle, Screenwriter