Shooters Eye View… Welcome to LondonSWF

At the last festival, Shooting people sent their top reporter Adem Ay, to send daily… no hourly reports on his experience. We will post these over the next few days as it gives a great insight into on delegates experience… Over to Adem…

I’m writing live from the London Screenwriters’ Festival, which kicked off this morning with nothing short of a spiritual rebirth for those in attendance.

After some announcements about logistics and layouts and a microphone in a box that can be thrown from one questioner to the next, festival leader Chris Jones made us dredge up our inner child – the guy who believed in movie magic and dared to dream big – asked us to meet our tribe (stare in silence at the writers sat next to you) and got us all to stand and repeat a mantra about being fucking rockstars. I don’t know if I left the introductory session exactly a rockstar, but I certainly had a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

This festival already has a far more quirky and Southern Baptist pulpit kind of vibe than I was expecting, and I’m ready for the ride. You’ll find out how smooth it is next week, when my reports from certain sessions will be posted to the bulletin.

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Adem Ay
Shooting People

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