Slots Going Live… Please Read This Whole Post If You Are A Ticket Holder

The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2021 is almost here.

It’s time to book your registration slot if you plan to attend the festival in person in London. Please read this whole email carefully, and yes you may get it more than once as we are sending from multiple servers to ensure everyone gets it.

If you do not book a registration slot, you will not be allowed entrance to the event. The venue requires an absolutely accurate list of attendees in advance.

Our number one priority is safety.

As the director of the festival, I have to share, this is a very challenging situation. I have stated in emails before that we take the Covid threat very seriously. If everyone follows our protocols at the festival, we should be fine.

To be clear, the greatest threat comes from someone bringing Covid into the festival without knowing. Someone who became infected before the festival. And remember, they may be asymptomatic also.

This is why we ask everyone to test three days before the festival and log it on the Covid Passport App (it’s name is the NHS App if you search for it in your App store).

It’s also why we ask everyone to test every day of the festival too (though you can also test the night before). The bottom line is you will do a minimum of four tests in order to attend. Three days before and one each day of the festival.

I have a zero tolerance for anyone objecting to this.

I am sorry I need this to be unmovable as I refuse to risk anyone’s health in this regard.

Here’s what you need to do if you plan to attend in person in London, over the weekend of the 10th to 12th of September (and remember the whole festival will be available online too, so choosing not to attend for safety remains our personal recommendation).

  1. Order Free Covid test flow kits from the NHS website or collect from a chemist. You will need at least four tests for the festival. We recommend double that in case you need more testing. WE WILL NOT HAVE KITS FOR YOU AT THE FESTIVAL.
  2. Please do a test as soon as you can so that you are familiar with the process.
  3. Download and install the Covid passport app from the NHS (NHS App). It’s your responsibility to make this work. Again, our staff cannot and will not help you with your phone.
  4. Book your registration slot. If you have a pass you will have this link in your inbox. We are staggering registration to avoid bottlenecks and for safety.
  5. Complete our Covid form. If you have a pass you will have this link in your inbox.
  6. Order your facemasks for the event, we strongly recommend FFP2 masks as they are significantly more effective than other face coverings.

I remain committed to my statements that I made right at the start of this journey last spring.

The event MUST remain safe, especially for those most vulnerable. What I am asking of everyone is inconvenient, BUT that inconvenience keeps the most vulnerable in our community safe.

We stand for everyone or we stand for no-one. And I, and the festival, stand for everyone.

So, let’s have a fabulous event, a safe event, and be profoundly respectful of those who feel less safe and secure. Let’s keep everyone safe.

Thank you and I look forward so seeing you either at the festival in London, or online.

Chris Jones   
Captain of the London Screenwriters Festival

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