Andrew Dymond

Director/Producer/AI Specialist
Andrew Dymond headshot

Andrew is the CEO of Bazooka Bunny and is an internationally award-winning director / producer of film and television projects, ranging from feature films to over 200 mainstream commercials including Mr SheenFinish DishwasherFord, and Mercedes for ITV, FIVE, SKY, VIRGIN and many other UK channels. Andrew has worked on many BBC broadcast projects; for example Submarine RescueKiss of Death; ITV’s Reptiles; FIVE’s Monkey Life; and CH4’s Grand Designs.

He also directed various entertainment programmes for broadcast television (ITV) including Scumrun 1-5 (a European car rally series presented by Emily Booth from the Horror Channel), and a cult sci-fi series Starhyke starring Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Suanne Braun (Stargate), Rachel Grant (James Bond), Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars) and Sir Patrick Moore (The Sky at Night). He’s also worked on film projects with Mickey Rourke, Gary Daniels, Daryl Hannah, Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Fahey, Eric Roberts, Danny John-Joules, Chase Masterson and Anthony De Longis. His resume also includes 4D international attraction films and working with various companies producing 3D content for them, including the Mallard 75th Anniversary ride film, the premiere of which was attended by HRH Prince Charles. In 2017 he produced the film Instant Death for Sony Entertainment, starring Lou Ferrigno, and has since followed this by producing several more films including #FollowmeThe Devil Came HomeBlood TrailSwiperightFrom Russia with MotiveThe Storm and Repentance staring John Altman and Danielle Harold (Eastenders) and Minti Gorne (Transformers: The Last Knight), which all are being sold worldwide.

As a producer and director he continues to work on the paranormal TV series Shadow Chasers, now in its fourth season, and has worked on Hollywood broadcast television productions including Stars Stunts Action and Cultural Shock, which will be shown on PBS in America, in 2024. He also recently produced three award-winning documentaries, namely: TshiwanaThe Return of the Mountain Chicken and The Last Descent.

Andrew is also an AI specialist in broadcast and film technologies delivering multiple films to broadcasters internationally including Hollywood. He specialises in AI colourisation, AI upscaling, AI subtitling, AI dubbing, AI video, AI VFX and QC procedures,

More details can be found on IMDB.

Andrew Dymond is appearing at the following sessions:

1530 to 1630 The Next Frontier: Using AI and other Tools in your Writing and Production

1530 to 1630 The Next Frontier: Using AI and other Tools in your Writing and Production

A must-attend session for writers who are hesitant about integrating AI tools into their creative process.