Catherine Williams


Catherine Williams headshot

Catherine has had a busy couple of years. As well as single-handedly writing two series of the Bafta-nominated New Teletubbies, she also co-created and was Head Writer for Waffle the Wonder Dog (CBeebies, series 2 currently in production) and Chip & Potato (streaming on Netflix in 2019). Prior to that, Catherine script produced and wrote many episodes of Bafta-winning hit show Topsy and Tim (CBeebies).

Her schtick is immersive, emotionally engaging, funny storytelling for young children: love and laughter. Previously, Catherine script edited many other critically-acclaimed, much-loved, family favourites, including Pocoyo, Girls in Love, My Parents Are Aliens, Shaun the Sheep, Baby Jake, Bear Behaving Badly and Pet Squad.

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