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Charlotte Essex

Development Executive - Mainstreet Pictures
Charlotte Essex headshot

Charlotte has extensive script editing experience in development and production. She was script editor at Company Pictures working on The Silence (BBC1), The Runaway (SKY ONE), Wild at Heart (ITV1) and has written a few episodes of Doctors (BBC1). More recently Charlotte script edited EastEnders (BBC1) and is currently at Mainstreet Pictures where she’s script edited Debbie Horsfield’s new series Age Before Beauty (BBC1) as well as building up an exciting slate of projects.

Mainstreet Pictures is a drama independent run by joint M.D.s Sally Haynes and Laura Mackie. Mainstreet Pictures’ aim is to create standout quality drama that resonates with a broad audience, both in the UK and internationally. We’re not elitist or niche, but believe that no subject is off-limits – it’s the telling not the tale.

We are working with a wide range of writers, both experienced and new to television. Mainstreet Pictures wants to create democratic, emotionally intelligent drama that reflects the interests of a modern audience.