Clive Frayne

Screenwriter, Development Consultant and Author
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Clive Frayne is a screenwriter and development consultant who works exclusively with independent producers.

He offers producers a unique form of script analysis and consultation. A methodology that focuses on an analysis of what made it onto the page, understanding the audience’s journey through the film, and cinematic storytelling. He brings a wealth of production experience to script development. Experience that allows him to shape projects, so they fit the producer’s funding and distribution strategy.

He has written and directed two feature films and several award-winning shorts.

His first book,The Process, of Screenwriting, shares his unique approach to script development. One based on the development of each writer’s unique writing process, rather than the application of formulas and structures.

Clive also designs and delivers professional development courses for the National Film and Television School, and several universities. He specialises in script development for independent film, script analysis and innovative approaches to character design.

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1030 Navigating Development: Avoiding Common Pitfalls & Development Hell

1030 Navigating Development: Avoiding Common Pitfalls & Development Hell

So you sold your script. Your journey has just begun and it is fraught with perils and challenges.