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Born in Manchester, Debbie has a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. She is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright; her theatre works include: Red Devils, True Dare Kiss, Command or Promise and Sex, Chips & Rock ‘n Roll, The Musical.

Her notable TV works include Sex, Chips & Rock ‘n Roll, All the Small Things, True Dare Kiss, Cutting It, Born to Run, The Riff Raff Element and Making Out.  

Debbie has recently finished writing the BBC smash hit Poldark, the final season of which aired in the summer of 2019, and has other exciting projects in development.

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Debbie Horsfield is appearing at the following sessions:

50 Habits of Successful Screenwriters

50 Habits of Successful Screenwriters

Join our distinguished panel of successful screenwriters as we deep-dive into patterns, habits and strategies to reveal 50 ways to literally get more from your time, resources, contacts and imagination. Some are simple, others cerebral, many challenging… but ALL will increase your probability of success.  

Beneath the Tunic: Writing and Making the BBC Historical Epic Poldark

Beneath the Tunic: Writing and Making the BBC Historical Epic Poldark

At its peak, with its perfect blend of action, adventure and romance, Poldark boasted TWICE the audience of Game of Thrones in Britain. Meet the team to find out how it was written and why audiences kept coming back, season after season.