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Dr Raj Persaud

Consultant Psychiatrist, Broadcaster and Author
Dr Raj Persaud headshot

Dr Raj Persaud is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has written and broadcast widely in the mainstream media besides working as an academic and clinical psychiatrist, achieving the senior post of NHS Consultant Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals from 1994-2008.

He has won numerous academic distinctions including the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Research Prize and Medal and holds amongst 8 degrees and diplomas a First Class Honours degree in Psychology.

He has spoken at screenwriter festivals before and has reported on academic research which found that screenwriters who won an Academy Award lived less long on average than those who hadn’t, unlike actors or actresses who won an Academy award, who ended up living longer than those actors who hadn’t. It seems winning an Academy Award is good for you if you are an actor (in terms of longevity) but is bad for you if you are a screenwriter!

He has most recently reported on some new academic research which finds racial bias against films with black leading actors and white supporting roles is rife amongst mainstream newspaper movie critics – resulting in an average revenue loss for these films of up to $2.57 million, per movie. He is interested in unconscious psychological processes activated in an audience by films as exemplified by this kind of research on movie critics. Films with black leads and supporting white casts might violate the unconscious expectations of critics.

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