Georgina Sherrington

Development Producer - TV Drama
Georgina Sherrington headshot

Georgina Sherrington has worked in development at the BBC and in the indie sector for producers including Maxine Lapiduss (Friends, Roseanne) and BJ Rack (Black Hawk Down). Georgina has worked at the BBC across Comedy, Children’s, Studios and Commissioning. Prior to joining Shire Oak, she was a member of the BBC Drama Commissioning team.

Shire Oak Films seeks to work with the world’s best creative talent to produce seminal, ambitious and distinctively original television drama. Our programs aim to spark global conversation about fundamental issues that effect communities the world over.

Georgina Sherrington is appearing at the following sessions:

Breaking into Genre TV

Breaking into Genre TV

In the crowded landscape of television production, binge watchers search by genre. Netflix, Amazon, and every other streaming service automatically feed viewers more of what they like. Writing in a specific genre is more important than ever before. How do you appeal to the fans of your chosen genre?