Grace Couzins


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From Blackpool to Blockbuster… a journey that started creating films with friends in school; convincing teachers to let herself and some lucky classmates make films for homework instead of essays – genius!

Through a music video project in GCSE Media Studies, Grace discovered the magic of post production – where the final draft of the script is written and brought to life with sound design, music, colour, and visual effects. In 2017, Grace decided to study Film Production having never seen any editing software other than iMovie…

Since finishing university during Covid in 2020, Grace went on to land roles as a Junior Editor, Runner, and Edit Assistant. In her spare time Grace would practise cutting short films, and getting involved in British Film Editors’ Events.

She landed her first TV role as Apprentice Editor for Season 3 of Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler, following which she joined Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning as Eddie Hamilton’s Trainee. To be continued…

Grace Couzins is appearing at the following sessions:

1700 Dirk Maggs Produces YOUR Audio drama

1700 Dirk Maggs Produces YOUR Audio drama

DON’T PANIC! Creating Audio Recordings of genre drama opens up a limitless universe. Join Dirk as we perform, record, produce and premiere a new story written by an LSF delegate.