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Guy Rowland

Guy Rowland headshot

Guy Rowland is the writer/director of Sam Jackson’s Secret Video Diary, nominated for the Raindance Award at the 2005 British Independent Film Awards. A highly unusual production, the film was based around existing material for a one-woman TV project; a drama masquerading as a daily self-shot reality TV show. Posy Miller played the eponymous Sam Jackson, but very suddenly fell ill in 2002 and within a week died of acute leukaemia. With the support of Posy’s family and friends, Guy and the small production team re-imagined the project as a faux documentary about the search for a missing person. It was a unique writing challenge and thus uniquely rewarding.

Since then, Guy has continued to develop scripts (and helped with additional material on Living Spirit’s own Gone Fishing screenplay). Alongside being a Renaissance man and his other lives as a sound designer and composer, he is also the voice of CBBC’s hugely popular comedy Diddy TV, writing and performing justifiably withering links between the Diddy programmes.

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