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Louisa Caine

Founder | The Pause Before
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Make Today Count, create your own Change!

I am the Founder of the Pause Before, a mindfulness and yoga therapy consultancy.

Before I found mindfulness, I thought the way to achieve my dreams was to work longer, harder, and faster to survive in a 24-hour competitive world. This cortisol junkie approach was not only stressful, but it was killing my creativity.

My mindfulness and wellbeing training showed me how to tap into my flow and those juicy “Aha” moments. I was amazed at how quickly I found creative solutions to problems. I could focus and concentrate for longer, manage my energy levels, new opportunities opened up and I could juggle competing demands and priorities with ease.

My passion is to share these techniques with you and help you find your pause, make time for the things and people that matter, live the life you want to lead and shine brightly as the wonderful creative that you are.

Louisa Caine, The Pause Before https://www.thepausebefore.com

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