Marc Price

Screenwriter & Director

Marc Price headshot

Marc Price is an award winning director, writer, camera operator, editor & producer.

One of his most successful films is Colin, an internationally renowned low budget feature. It became known as the ‘£45/$70 zombie film’ and received a wealth of critical acclaim after screening at the Cannes Film Festival, Raindance, Frightfest and Sitges. Martin Scorsese called it “Savage, with an energy that takes the zombie idea to another level”. It won numerous awards around the globe, including Best feature at Raindance and Nominated at the BIFA awards for best feature.

He performed similar duties on his second feature Magpie, which was released theatrically in the US recently.

Marc regularly works with the BFI Education Department, passing on his experience as a film maker and often inviting students to work on various film projects.

Most recently he has written and directed a pilot for CBBC called Zombies Next Door and written and created My Ninja Flatmate for Digital Fiction Factory.

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