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Co-Founder and Producer for 20 year old production company and post facility Retro-Juice, Mark is an experienced short-form director with a successful background in cutting long-form drama for BBC, ITV and Channel Four.

Establishing his editing skills with a mix of high-end flagship Television drama; most recently Taboo (BBC1/FX) and Unforgotten (ITV), Peaky Blinders (BBC2/Netflix) and Sherlock (BBC1) having cut series such as Silk (BBC1), Whitechapel (ITV1), Endeavour (ITV), Mistresses (BBC1) and the multi-award winning The Children (ITV1) and One Night (BBC1), he has a diverse cv ranging from the hit comedies Outnumbered and Trollied, to family-friendly programmes such as Dr Who, Robin Hood, Privates and the Bafta-winning My Life As A Popat.

His directing work has focused on authoring “narrative” music videos; the highly acclaimed ‘Trilogy’ series for Funeral 4 A Friend defined the style of the story telling he was interested in. As such, he was asked to provide a visual edge for mainstream artists such as James Blunt, on the biggest selling album of the last decade ‘Back To Bedlam’. His work for artists as diverse as The Corrs to The Kills is symptomatic of his approach; to tell a story in the genre the artist is positioned in. From dance hits such as Max Linen’s ‘Soulshaker’, to the Norwegian ballads of Magnet, narrative drive and the creation of worlds has been his creative interest.

He has written and directed a number of award winning shorts such as Plastic and Meat, prior to Co-Directing his first feature film  Mark has recently wrapped on a dark Sci-Fi Noir The Dark Channel – a black and white dystopian nightmare that is now in post.

He insists his favourite forms of vegetation are Ted lectures and New Scientist and not pissing people off with armchair champagne socialism on social media.

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