Michael Brooks, PhD

TV Consultant, Author, Quantum Physicist
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Dr Michael Brooks has a PhD in quantum physics and is a science writer and author of numerous books, including the co-authored Hollywood Wants to Kill You: The Peculiar Science of Death in the Movies. He has more than 20 years’ experience in science communication, writing for internationally recognised publications and consulting on a range of TV science programming.

Michael’s latest broadcast role is as science adviser to YouTubes The Edge of Science.

Michael is also a co-presenter of the podcast Science(ish), which investigates the scientific questions raised by movies.

Check out Michael’s website at www.michaelbrooks.org.

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Michael Brooks, PhD is appearing at the following sessions:

Science(ish): Science Goes to the Movies

Science(ish): Science Goes to the Movies

Hollywood’s take on technology is more important than you think. William Goldman famously said that, in Hollywood, nobody knows anything. But it’s not true. Many of Hollywood’s directors, producers and screenwriters know a lot about science.