Peter Briggs


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After exploding onto the film scene with his spec script Alien vs Predator which sold to Twentieth Century Fox within a day of hitting the market Peter became one of the most in demand scriptwriters in the business.

He worked with Tony Scott on his unmade version of Judge Dredd with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Marvel’s Foreverman working with Stan Lee and legendary producer Robert Evans. Written before X men and Iron Man brought superhero movies into the cultural zeitgeist the film struggled to get off the ground.

Peter was asked by Mike De Luca to write Freddie vs Jason for New Line and write drafts of Hellraiser for Miramax.

Peter developed a close relationship with Kenneth Branagh and they worked for several years on War of the Worlds for Paramount but rights issues prevented it from being made. Tom Cruise and producer Paula Wagner took on the project but also hit the same rights issues. It was only when Steven Spielberg came onboard as director did the film get made and ended up being one of the biggest hits of the year.

Over the years he has written drafts of Highlander for Dimension Films, Lupin for A Kitman Ho and Hellboy for Guillermo Del Toro.

Peter partnered with producer Jim Jacks (The Mummy) to direct his first movie Panzer 88. Sadly over the following years and after Peter spent a year in New Zealand setting up the film with Peter Jackson’s Weta doing the Effects and Creatures both producers died leaving the film unmade.

Peter is also a much in demand script doctor and has contributed to numerous hit movies over the years. He is also prolific in the worlds of comic books and works with many leading publishers.

Peter Briggs is appearing at the following sessions:

1400 to 1500 Action-Packed Storytelling

1400 to 1500 Action-Packed Storytelling

A panel of writers on action projects RIGHT NOW discuss the state of the genre, their influences, their strategies, and where Actioners are going in the future.              

1700 to 1900 Saturday Night At The Movies: Hellboy

1700 to 1900 Saturday Night At The Movies: Hellboy

Grab your popcorn and settle in for a thrilling 20th Anniversary screening of Hellboy, complete with live commentary by writer Peter Briggs in LSF’s signature Saturday Night funfest.