Steve Kaplan

Comedy Expert
Steve Kaplan headshot

Steve Kaplan has been the entertainment industry’s leading expert on comedy. He has taught his Comedy Intensive Workshop to thousands of students, and worked as a script consultant for producers, directors, production companies, and writers around the world.

  • Creator of the HBO Workspace
  • Creator of the HBO New Writers Program
  • Consultant and script doctor to Dreamworks, Disney, HBO, Paramount, Touchstone and others.
  • Highly sought-after instructor at UCLA, NYU, Yale, and other top universities.
  • Director in regional theaters and Off-Broadway

Steve has worked with hundreds of writers, producers and performers to hone their comedic talents. And, he’s influenced thousands more with his book, The Hidden Tools of Comedy, and The Comic Hero’s Journey. He’s presently working on a third book, Writing Comedy for Television. 

Steve Kaplan is appearing at the following sessions:

21:00 Creating the Comedy Pilot with Steve Kaplan

21:00 Creating the Comedy Pilot with Steve Kaplan

What are the elements that make a great comedy for television? This session will show us how to develop a simple idea into a show that “has legs,” i.e. that can generate season after season of story.