Ted Wilkes

Screenwriter, Educator

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Ted Wilkes is a writer and lecturer from London. Currently, he teaches Screenwriting and Digital Media at Regent’s University, London. You can find some of his lectures available as video essays on his YouTube channel Sight Unsound. His own work has been showcased at film festivals around the world and he is currently developing a TV series with producer Nick Agha.

Ted and Phil Hughes (also speaking at LSF 2024) are currently in the process of writing their first joint book outlining their unique take on the process of structuring a story. The Beginning, The Middle & The End will be available soon where all good books are stocked.

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Ted Wilkes is appearing at the following sessions:

1030 Writing Your Prestige TV Pilot

1030 Writing Your Prestige TV Pilot

Festival stalwarts Phil Hughes and Ted Wilkes return to the stage to deliver their most demanded session – how to apply their model of storytelling to writing for TV.