Thembisa Cochrane

Development Executive, Spier Films
Thembisa Cochrane headshot

Thembisa works in association with Caspian Films and Spier Films for whom she produced the international co-production The Harvesters (2018) in selection Cannes 2018. Previously, she worked as an executive for Spier Films UK on films like An Act of Defiance (2017); Young Ones (2014) starring Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning; and The Salvation (2014) starring Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green.

Thembisa is looking for entertaining stories with quality performance-driven drama at their heart and supported by genre elements strong enough to give them international commercial appeal.

Thembisa develops internal and international theatrical productions and co-productions. At Spier Films, she is the main point of contact for directors, writers and producers who are interested in working with the company… MORE

Career and Credits:

  • The Salvation  assistant to producer
  • Young Ones – assistant to producer
  • Of Good Report – development executive

Company Credits:

  • The Salvation  2014
  • Young Ones – 2014
  • Khumba – 2013
  • Layla Fourie – 2013
  • Black Butterflies – 2011
  • Master Harold & The Boys – 2010

Q: What piece of advice can you give writers who are pitching to you or trying to break into the industry?

A: Be friendly and inspire others with your passion, pursue consistent networking with professionals, never be afraid to ask for what you want, and rather craft a few beautiful, personal prize-winning screenplays than a stack of weekend drafts.  

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