Tom Kerevan

Screenwriter - Producer/Founder of Cannibal Films

Tom Kerevan headshot

Tom is a screenwriter and producer at Cannibal Films.

Founded in 2013 with director Alex Lightman (who he met at LSF) and cinematographer Ern Herrmann, he wrote and produced their debut feature Tear Me Apart, which World Premiered at the Austin Film Festival 2015 and was released worldwide on VOD in June 2016.

With the addition of veteran producer Mark Sandell, who joined the team in 2016, Cannibal Films is expanding. Their second feature Gun is currently in development, which they intend to shoot next year. They are also keen to meet and develop relationships with up-and-coming screenwriters, directors and producers for potential future collaborations. The Cannibal brand is being built on the mantra of intelligent genre movies.

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