Vera Mark

Screenwriter, Multi-Format Storyteller
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Vera is a storyteller across formats with a preference for screenwriting. Driven by a life-long love of epic stories, her writing aims at elevated entertainment – action/adventure stories about environmental and political issues, with the occasional futuristic or supernatural element. She can draw on her training as a laywer and in environmental management, her proficiency in several languages and her theatre work. In 2019, she added two short films to her credits, Psykhe as writer and Blue Widow as writer-director-producer.

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2:00pm Zoom Room Conversation with Producer Robert Jones

2:00pm Zoom Room Conversation with Producer Robert Jones

Executive Producer Robert Jones has worked with everyone from Robert Altman to Christopher McQuarrie, from Keyser Soze to a man-eating Great White Shark. Join the Zoom conversation with a man who is more than an executive. This guy produces.