The LondonSWF Podcast: Episode One Part 2, Meet The Delegates Of LondonSWF


Maximizing the Festival Experience: Expert Tips from the London Screenwriters Festival

Episode 2: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Welcome to the second episode of the London Screenwriters Festival podcast! In this episode, Chris Jones, the founder of the festival, and podcast producer Amy Livingstone are joined by screenwriters Alex English and Alienor to discuss their experiences and share tips for getting the most out of the festival.

Introducing the Guests

  • Amy Livingstone: Screenwriter and festival delegate since 2012
  • Alex English: Author and screenwriter with 10 years of experience
  • Alienor: Freshly graduated screenwriter from film school, attending her first festival

Highlights from the Festival

The guests shared their experiences from the recent London Screenwriters Festival, highlighting the energy, inspiration, and networking opportunities that made the event a valuable experience for all attendees.

  • Alex emphasized the importance of in-person interactions and the energy of the festival.
  • Alienor discussed how the festival brought out her extroverted side, allowing her to connect with fellow screenwriters and industry professionals.
  • Amy reflected on the positive impact of stepping out of her comfort zone and engaging with the festival’s community.

Tips for Making the Most of the Festival

As the conversation shifted to practical advice for festival attendees, the guests shared valuable insights and recommendations for maximizing the festival experience.

  • Alex emphasized the importance of networking and engaging with a diverse range of people, regardless of their specific industry focus.
  • Alienor highlighted the value of having an open mindset and being receptive to learning and connecting with others.
  • Amy encouraged attendees to approach the festival with a positive attitude, emphasizing the importance of leaving self-doubt and criticism behind.

Essential Items for Festival Preparation

The guests also discussed practical tips for festival preparation, including the importance of staying hydrated, carrying note-taking supplies, and maintaining a positive mindset.

  • Water: Stay hydrated throughout the festival to ensure optimal energy and focus.
  • Note-taking supplies: Bring pens, highlighters, and a notebook to capture valuable insights and advice.
  • Positive attitude: Approach the festival with an open mindset and a willingness to engage with others.

Insights on Pitchfest and Networking

The conversation delved into the nuances of Pitchfest and networking, with the guests offering valuable tips for making meaningful connections and maximizing pitching opportunities.

  • Amy emphasized the importance of researching pitch executives and maintaining a relaxed approach to pitching.
  • Alienor shared her experience of overcoming initial nerves and making the most of the Pitchfest session by adapting her approach and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • Alex highlighted the value of making genuine connections and focusing on building relationships rather than solely pitching projects.

Maximizing the Festival Experience on a Budget

The conversation continued with practical advice for attendees looking to make the most of the festival while managing costs.

  • Early bird tickets: Take advantage of early bird ticket options to secure discounted rates.
  • Monthly payment plans: Explore flexible payment options to spread the cost of attendance over time.
  • Local connections: Consider reaching out to local contacts for potential accommodation or transportation cost savings.

Diving into the Festival Sessions

The discussion shifted to the wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities available through the festival sessions and the importance of taking advantage of the recorded content.

  • Access to recorded sessions: Utilize the festival’s online platform to access recorded sessions and valuable content from past events.
  • Learning from industry experts: Explore a wide range of topics, from pitching and genre-specific writing to industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • Making the most of the content: Take notes, engage with the material, and apply the insights gained to your own writing and creative projects.


The insights and tips shared by the guests offer valuable guidance for anyone looking to make the most of their experience at the London Screenwriters Festival. By prioritizing networking, maintaining a positive mindset, and being open to new connections, attendees can ensure a rewarding and fulfilling festival experience.

As the conversation came to a close, it was clear that the festival’s true value lies in the connections made, the knowledge gained, and the lasting impact on attendees’ careers and creative journeys. Whether it’s your first festival or a return visit, the London Screenwriters Festival offers a wealth of opportunities for growth, learning, and connection within the screenwriting community.

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