Want to get your script read, optioned and produced?

Mastering the fundamentals of pitching has become more crucial, now we are in a new world where people are more accessible than ever.

• When: Saturday October 3rd, 10am to 2pm
• Where: Online
• How much: £37
• On Demand: Re-watch for six months
Get you pass here…www.screenwritersfestival.online/pitch-perfect

More than ever, a focused and engaging pitch is the key to hearing those magic words, ‘send it to me’ or ‘let’s have a longer meeting over zoom’.

While they may present themselves a little differently now, the fundamentals of creating that killer pitch remain the same.

What are they? In as little time as possible (as with each second passing, interest turns to disinterest), how can you…

• Get them interested so they lean into you and your idea?
• Get them to request your script, even if they don’t like this specific story but DO recognise you as talent to watch?
• Build that relationship so pitching becomes a career long conversation?

The bottom line? No matter how good your script and story, if you cannot effectively, dynamically and succinctly engage the listener, your script will collect dust in a shelf.

The good news is that pitching is way more craft than it is art. You are can learn and master the techniques rapidly. Once learned, you will be able to see the essence, heart or central idea in any story, so you can clearly communicate that with a producer, exec, actor, director, agent… It REALLY works too, you will see results immediately.

‘Bob knows everything there is to know on this subject and the industry but he is so approachable, patient and encouraging, and honest too. I gained so much from attending this workshop’
Bridie Hanifee, Screenwriter

‘Bob is a genius at understanding a complex topic quickly. He swiftly sussed out my story’s themes and helped me crystallize the logline into brilliant form!’
Rebecca Robinson, Screenwriter

‘This was really a fantastic class. I have been to many pitching classes but none has been so complete, interactive and given so much importance to every single member of the class. It was so great! Every class should be like this one.’
Stephanie Melega, Screenwriter

‘Everything I learned about pitching to people in the room has to change to work in our socially distanced world. Now we writers are putting ourselves on the screen. Taking part in the workshop gave me the ability to finesse the production values of Zoom’
Angela Jameson, Screenwriter

This is a unique and absurdly affordable opportunity to spend time with Bob, someone who has been training pitching for 20 years, and gain that almost Jedi skill of being able to refine years of hard work into a single comment that gets people to say ‘wait, what? Tell me more… can I read it?’

• When: Saturday October 3rd, 10am to 2pm
• Where: Online
• How much: £37
• On Demand: Re-watch for six months
Get you pass here…www.screenwritersfestival.online/pitch-perfect

What will you take away?

• The confidence to pitch brilliantly.
• The skills to identify an irresistible hook.
• The awareness to avoid the traps that kill interest.
• The practice to boil a story down into one delicious phrase.
• The restraint to tantalize your audience.
• The nuance to guide someone toward a script request.
• The strategies to follow up and keep the door open.
• The best way to present yourself online.

About Bob Shultz: For more than 20 years, Bob Schultz has been training writers on how to pitch, then providing opportunities through pitchfests. He has helped thousands of writers clarify their stories, reorganise their ideas into pitchable ‘hooks’, and built confidence to bring the very best version of any writer, to the opportunities they create.