Welcome to LondonSWF365… February 2021

Welcome to LondonSWF365 February 2021… The Online Screenwriters’ Festival

Join us for the BIGGEST online Screenwriting Event of 2021! Experience from your own home and get access for a whole year.

‘So much on offer, so much to do… and I can have all of it…’

Connect with 1,000 screenwriters, producers, directors and other industry professionals for nearly one  month of seminars, talks and events… All live AND On Demand to watch later. It will be our best festival yet!

  • Main Dates: February 5th to February 28th 2021 (online).
  • Schedule goes live in December.
  • Speakers go live in December.

Attending the online festival for the months is £60, with one year access to recordings.

For those using $USD, £60 is approximately $75.

What Exactly Am I Getting?

Do you want to spend a whole month deep diving into the screenwriting art, craft and business?

More than 100 speakers will join our team for the winter festival. Oscar winners, showrunners, producers, screenwriters, more screenwriters, the BEST trainers… and so many more from storytelling disciplines… The full list will go live in December 2020.

Immersion is by far the most effective way to learn. It’s also the mainline way to mastery. That is why spending a month in the presence of some of the most successful writers, knowledgeable experts and inspirational speakers is SO effective.

Weekday sessions will be in the evening, with some Zoom classes scheduled for luch times. Weekend classes will run in the afternoon and evenings. Never too much, but always enough to maintain momentum and a profound sense of focus and elevation.

The workshops, panels, talks, interviews, seminars, screenings… all will be live and available online for one year beyond the event.

Flash foward… Spring 2021,with the wind in our sails, a vaccine rolling out and fortune at our sides, the industry will reboot… and make no mistake, it will be ravenous for new projects and talent. BE READY!

What can you expect?

  • Craft insight to help you with plot, characters, description, dialogue and structure in you script.
  • Industry insight, to help connect more powerfully. Be READY for the pivot that is coming.
  • Learn from the best, so you can emulate or learn from their successes and failures.
  • Get inspired to a whole new level, something that is essential right now.
  • Connect with many many new screenwriter friends during sessions, perhaps one of the most important reasons to participate.

And we chose February precisely BECAUSE we are likely to need that daily creative shot in the arm… choose to spend your evenings immersed with your tribe, learning from those who have done it, and refuelling the imagination… or do what most will do, continue to make up reasons and excuses as to why your career is not progressing while binge watching another series.


What Will It Look Like?

You can experience the online festival from a phone, tablet, computer, even the TV in your living room.

There is LOTS of community chat too – connection is so important in these times.

You will be given a login to watch the video feeds live, and to interact via chat. Some sessions will be more interactive than others and we are using a variety of technologies to deliver it.

Think Zoom but amped up. If you don’t want to interact, that’s fine too, you can just watch. Everything will be available later also.

We will also be running a month long screenwriting initiative with training, so if you want to write a screenplay during the month, you can be part of that process.

Really there is SOOOOO much on offer and you can have ALL of it for one year. It’s OUR way to support our community in this time of uncertainty.

At £60 for the year, it’s astonishing value. It’s been designed  to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and keep us ALL creative and elevated.

Want to give LondonSWF365 as a gift?

If you want to buy access to LondonSWF365 for another person, you can use the PayPal link HERE.

You can add their email and name at the end of the process so they get the pass. You rock!

What delegates say…

We have already run our first event online and here is what delegates said…

  • ‘LondonSWF365 is blowing my mind, it is on a whole different level! I cannot thank you enough. Just brilliant! Thank you!’
    Ros Jones, Screenwriter
  • ‘Just want to say a huge thank you for putting together LondonSWF Online. I’ve been absolutely blown away by so many amazing speakers. Huge, huge thank you to all involved.’
    Caroline Knudsen, Screenwriter
  • ‘A wonderful, insightful, cascade of events, not just focused on the art of screenwriting, but the many facets of the business as well. Also a wonderful way to meet fellow writers (I think I’ve added 20 to my Facebook friends).’
    Mark Flood, screenwriter
  • ‘Many thanks for the fantastic moments of an unforgettable enjoyment. Thank you for the inspiration and support. Thank you for the opportunity to meet all those wonderful people. Chris and the LSF team, you’ve created something so powerful and magic, that will make a difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’
    Ekaterina Raznitcyna, Screenwriter, Director
  • ‘The festival experience has been a thousand times bigger than I expected, but also a million times closer and more friendly than something this big has any right to be. An amazing collection of writers, film-makers and educators on my computer and in my ears. And I’ve made new friends, and found new heroes. Thank you to the whole team!’
    Matthew White, Screenwriter
  • ‘I found the festival a funnel of creative energy which I tapped into during a time when the world was in crisis. It stopped me from feeling overwhelmed by it all and I focused instead on what I could control; myself. During the festival, I wrote a feature, several short screenplays, made a short film and entered several competitions. LondonSWF365 was like my energizer bunny. It fires me up, recharges my creative shields and gives me the courage to keep on trying.’
    Mark Renshaw, writer and creative