What ONE piece of advice… story consultant and writing mentor Julie Gray

julie-gray2What ONE piece of screenwriting or filmmaking advice has been the most useful to you in your career and why?

The best screenwriting advice I ever got became the name of my blog and my screenwriting competition: Just Effing Entertain Me. It wasn’t exactly said that politely, either. I was in a 2-year professional screenwriting program some years back in LA and there was a writer who was laboriously describing her script and everybody was politely nodding off. The instructor finally got so frustrated, he interrupted her and said: Would you JUST F**KING ENTERTAIN me?? Poor thing, I’ll never forget her startled look but it is a truth that cannot be denied. Scripts are meant to entertain. If you are not entertaining on the page, you won’t get as far as the screen. Ever. Use all your wiles, from a truly original premise to unique characters and fun dialogue to sensory detail. Scripts are a visual medium. If you have fun writing it, we’ll have fun reading it. So Effing Entertain Us and carry a sense of playfulness with you as you write. If what you write is scaring, moving or cracking YOU up – that’s a good sign. Go all out. Screenwriting is the entertainment business. Never forget that. Dance for the coins. Earn our attention. Entertain us.


Julie Grey is a Hollywood screenwriter and script guru. Full bio here http://www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com/speakers/julie-gray

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